Xingla Pro Update

This weekend I tested my newest product Xingla Pro. Xingla is a blog carnival submitter which takes the tediousness completely out of the task of submitting to blog carnivals. My first test involved using the “auto submit” feature where I submitted one of my blog posts to 26 different carnivals related to business blogs. The auto submit process took around 2 minutes. I have a 5 second delay programmed between each submission. This allows for the process to complete between each submitted carnival. I then checked my email and immediately saw 26 receipts of carnival submissions. The test was flawless!

The manual submit feature lets you cycle through the list one at a time so that you can fine tune your submissions by selecting extra categories that accompany some carnivals. In auto-submit mode, the extra categories are not used.

I finished up the weekend with getting the “add new” and “open list” features in place. It’s pretty much ready to roll, so you will be seeing a 48 hour special very soon. My next step will be to make the video tutorial and help file.

I’m really excited about this new tool and I can tell already that Xingla Pro is going to be a new personal favorite of mine. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Xingla Pro Update”

  1. Thanks for the comments.

    Richard – I’ll be sure and reserve you a copy. πŸ˜‰

    Taylor – My testing is completed, and now I’m tidying up with the other fun stuff (videos, sales page, etc.). πŸ˜€


  2. Jack – seriously, I want this. Count me in for a copy & review! I don’t trust the services out there – mainly because I host a blog carnival and see the junk that is submitted and the repetition! So I do it manually — which is time consuming. I wanted to write something like this, but again — too much work for a one-man show. I am waiting eagerly for this!

  3. This is nearly the same reason for me that inspired Xingla Pro Mohamed.
    I think you’re gonna like this. I have your name on a copy already. 8)


  4. …you don’t have to approve this, but as soon as I saw your reply – BIG grin on my face. I felt like jumping out of my chair and doing a crazy dance or something. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, if this doesn’t get people taking advantage of submitting to blog carnivals then hitting them over the head by a 2×4 would do nothing either.

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