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XinglaPro Blog Carnival Submitter

The final release of Xingla Pro is ready to debut. I’ve received some outstanding feedback from those who have taken the initiative to test the software. I’ve made some big changes since the beta and I am feeling that Xingla Pro has reached the stage of completion.

Xingla Pro has an automatic update feature so users will always have the latest improvements. I’d like to thank those who participated, and you are certainly welcome to keep sending the feedback as long as you wish. I really appreciate all the useful information that you shared with me. This will enable me to give the greatest value to the users of this product.

I think that I will make this product a physical product available through Kunaki. I’ve been very impressed with the results that I’ve seen from James Brausch’s “conversion” from digital to physical, as well as others who have followed suit. The graphic pictured above for this blog post is my draft of what the CD cover will look like. I snapped this pic a couple years ago when I was in Beijing. I came across these figures as I was walking down a side street in the Bei-Hai area of Beijing. Beijing is in China for those of you who flunked geography class – LOL .

I will be submitting the software this weekend and will be run a 24 hour special at launch time. Xingla Pro is designed to save you a ton of time and automates the process of submitting to blog carnivals. At the same time, it allows you to keep your lists relevant to your subject matter so that you don’t get yourself banned from carnival hosts.

If you need serious back links and traffic to your blog, which also results in higher search engine ranking, then blog carnivals are among the best techniques for getting both. If you want to take the pain out of submitting to blog carnivals, then be sure to take advantage of the 24 hour special coming very soon.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Xingla Pro Beta Results”

  1. Hey Jack,

    Is this software only for submitting blog posts or will they accept static pages on an information site? The content is valid either way, but I am wondering if the blog carnivals are limited to just that – blogs.



  2. Jack,

    That is one awesome piece of software! With the built-in help, I have been able to master the power of Xingla Pro in minutes. Within 10 minutes I had created a new list of carnivals and submitted my two different blog posts to your initial list and the new list I created.

    Thanks for making an otherwise time consuming task as simple as making a cup of tea.


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