What’s In A Domain Name?

nemeas ranking softwareWanting to create a product and start a website?  Maybe you already have a website, or several websites.  When you purchase your piece of real estate on the world wide web, have you given any thought to your domain name?  No, I mean serious thought.  It's a common misconception that all the "good" names are taken.  So what makes up a good name?  Is it something that contains a short name and ends with a .com?  Maybe a 256 character string containing all your favorite keywords ending in a dot something?  Ok, that's a little outrageous, but just what does constitute a good domain name?  

One trick I like is to look over my web stats and see how people are getting to my websites.  My stats will show what keywords people are using in the search engines to get to my sites.  If I'm going to create another similar site, I could take a popular phrase such as "cloak my url" and see if "cloakmyurl.com" is available.  It isn't available, by the way.  But you get the picture.  A variation of this opens up possibilities.  Cloak-my-url.com, cloakmy-url.com, myurlcloak.com, etc.  If you're a techno-dounce, you may not have noticed that many of your top search results have your keywords in the domain name and /or, webpage name and subfolders.   

It's smart to have your domain reflect a popular search phrase.  Sure, this is only a part of the big ranking factor picture, but it can be significant to 15 – 20% and shouldn't be overlooked.  There's a great utility called Nemeas, created by James Brausch that works based on statistical data to help you create optimal domain names and link combinations.  An optimized link combined with an optimized folder / file naming convention can give you the edge that just may get you over the top.

Nemeas isn't for the casual dabbler in internet business.  The price is $135. The "doers" will see the value and potential returns from this powerful software right away.  If you're serious, and in the process of stepping up your game, this is "the" tool for a healthy foundation! 

Now you can promote your new website and product(s) by putting together a blog and optimizing it for business.  Not sure how to do that?  You can find out more by clicking on the link below: