What Inspires You To Succeed In Internet Business?

tingtingChances are that if you are reading this post, that you either enjoy a successful internet business, or that you are aspiring to build one. We all have different reasons for wanting to succeed in internet business. One of the biggest reasons for me is shown in the picture on the left. This is my wife, Tingting. This is an outtake from one of our wedding pictures. We were married in Beijing, China on June 27th, 2005. Having the freedom to spend time with my wife and creating great memories to carry with us into our old age is my most significant driving force to succeeding online. Having 10 hours a day robbed from us by an employer for the next 25 to 30 years is not my idea of a fulfilling life.

Today we went to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound. Tingting is now into 32 weeks and 6 days of her pregnancy. This is also my prime reason for success. Building memories will include our son Kevin. Yes, it’s a boy! We actually picked out his name in 2005. We had also chosen a girl’s name as well, of course. He should be arriving into the world around May 1st. Here’s a pic of today’s ultrasound. I highlighted and enlarged Kevin to make it easier to distinguish his facial features.

So, my question is, what is your inspiration for success? I am curious about what drives you to succeed. Is it the desire for freedom from a dead end J.O.B. and a slave driving boss? To enjoy life with your family? Or something else altogether? Leave a comment and share your story. I’d like to hear from you. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “What Inspires You To Succeed In Internet Business?”

  1. Jack,

    First of all, my congratulations to you and your beautiful wife!!! You’re about to enjoy the greatest experience life has to offer. For that matter, as you know, it’s already begun.

    I have 3 fantastic children – 2 boys and a girl – and I’ve always said, no matter what happens in my life, I’ll always have been successful because of them. I also believe that one’s children choose you for their experience on Earth So, I’m sure you consider yourselves blessed.

    What’s my inspiration? To this point I’ve enjoyed a very challenging and abundant life and I want to continue to learn the unknown about myself and help others who are willing to help themselves do the same. I plan to actualize this through the creation and development of an authority site which offers breakthrough self-transformation principles and techniques. In fact, that is my purpose in life going forward!

    Best regards, George Lutz

  2. Excellent comment George & thanks! πŸ™‚
    It’s obvious to me that you know the true meaning of success.
    With the authority site and after reading your book, there’s no doubt in my mind that you have a fantastic future ahead of you.

  3. Congratulations to the both of you! We had our son after 12 years, and despite the odds (doctors told us we could not have children). I can still remember when my wife called me at work and gave me the news. It was the happiest day of my life… next BIG day was the day our little guy was born (May 29, 2003 @ 5:00pm after an emergency c-section). Congratulations once again, life won’t be the same once your little one arrives — it will be better!

  4. Thanks! πŸ˜€ I’m looking forward to the big day! I plan to be by her side the whole way.

    My birthday is the 28th of May. πŸ™‚ Now subtract a couple hundred years from 2003 and you nailed my birth date, lol!

    Thanks for the inspiring words. We both can hardly wait to start this new chapter in our lives.


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