Using the Great Tools of The Trade

Great Internet Business ToolsRunning your internet business efficiently goes hand in hand with using top notch tools. There are countless numbers of marketing tools out there that are claimed to make you the next top dawg in your market. There’s a lot of hyped up horse crap out there, but there are a number of very good quality tools that can really be useful in building and automating your business.

One such example is James Brausch’s Nemeas. Have you noticed lately that James has been selling a ton of domains at around 500 bucks a pop? Have you noticed that the domain names are all relevant to some market or niche of one sort or another? This is a prime example of someone who has developed a useful tool and not only markets it, but uses it himself. In fact, he uses all the tools that he developed every day in his business.

Like Glyphius, Nemeas is fun to use. You can use it to come up with domain names that can have the best chance of ranking well in the SERPs. Obviously, James did this for quite a long time, bought the domains and is now doing some house cleaning by selling off some of his “real estate” investments. So far he’s raked in over $11,000 in domain sales, and I probably missed a few when I was counting. When was the last time you made 11Gs house cleaning? How long do you think it would take you to make your money back from Nemeas doing the same thing?

One thing that really defines a good tool is something that is going to offer you a tangable return for your investment.

You can bet that any tool or product that you purchase from James will give you a handsome return on your investment.

There’s only one hitch, whether you purchase from James, myself or anyone, you have to do one thing… USE THEM! How many tools have you purchased for your business and then shelved them before giving them half a chance? I see a few hands going up in the back of the room. Ok, mine included. Remember, even the best tools won’t do you any good if you don’t use them.

When you are considering a purchase on a tool that may help your business, do you know if the marketer is actually using it himself? That’s pretty important, because if the developer doesn’t use it himself, then its a pretty good sign that its just a cheezy outsourced knockoff of someone else’s great idea.

I’m not saying that you can’t make a similar product to something that’s already released, but at least improve upon it in some way to offer some value to your customers. If you come up with something original however, then you are a true innovator.

As far as I know, Xingla Pro is the only blog carnival submitter out there at this time, but I’m sure its only a matter of time before the “me too-ers” will have their copies out. I use both Xingla Pro and AmazingCloaker all the time because they crank my revenue and save me a ton of time, and time is money, lettuce, greeeeen stuff.

With that said, Xingla Pro will always be the original and there’s nothin’ like the real thing. Whatever business you’re in, there’s a quality marketing tool that can put your business into overdrive if you give it the chance. Just remember before taking out that credit card, if the person that created the tools aren’t regularly using them in their own online business, then the chances are very good that you won’t either.

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