Trash Your Internet Business in 7 Easy Steps

Trashing a perfectly good internet business is not always an easy thing to do. It takes effort. This is something that comes easy to only 98% of the population. For the other 2% it can be quite the challenge. Do you think you’re up to being a 98%er? Perhaps you could make it into the top 98%. The black belt 98%ers can even trash their business before it gets started. Sure you could simply wear a button that says “I’m a 98%er!” and make people think that you’re in this group, OR… you can take action today and become a true honest to goodness 98%er. Here are a few tips to help you get there.

1. Educate, educate, educate!
The first step to master on the road to the top 98% is to find every hyped up product that you can find which shows you how to make $10,000 a month without a website, and no work. If you happen to start feeling the urge to take action on any useful information that you happen to stumble upon, close the ebook immediately, store it in a safe place, and buy something else. Rinse & repeat.

2. Maximize Your Time
In order to feel a real sense of accomplishment, you need to find something to make you busy. If you feel yourself being sucked into the 2% group by doing something crazy like creating a blog, building a webpage or a new product, simply navigate to the nearest forum and find salvation in the latest debate on Google’s newest update.

3. Prioritize The TV
No serious non business could ever survive without the TV. TV is an absolute must if you want to stay plugged into the land of the lost and comfortable.

4. Be Your Own Boss
For those who have somehow stumbled into self employment, you need to be a hero. Don’t let self employment slip into becoming a real business. After all, a business runs itself. You can’t allow that to happen in order to be self-employed. Be sure to do everything yourself so that you remain in a self imposed J.O.B. rather than creating a real business.

5. Do What The Other Hucksters Do
So you parted with your cash for an ebook just to discover that you bought a pile of rehashed B.S. that you can find in any forum for free. Heck they got your money, why not do the same? Change a few words and stick it back out on the net. You’ll build a real “reputation” for yourself.

6. Avoid the Procedures
Having procedures in place would only create a real business. The best thing to do is to grab your business by the seat of the pants and wing it. After all, you’re doing everything yourself anyway. Who the heck needs procedures?

7. Don’t Let ’em Push You Around
Customers can be a real pain. They always want stuff. They not only want your products, but they occasionally have questions or need help. Can you believe the nerve of some of these people? They give you their money and now they have to gall to expect some value in return. So how do you get rid of these pesky people called customers? The answer is really quite simple. All you have to do is ignore them. Ignore your customers long enough and they will eventually disappear. This technique works every time, guaranteed!

Well, there you have it. You now have all the knowledge necessary to secure a life in the 98% club. Do you have what it takes to be a 98%er, or are you going to wuss out and defect to a life of freedom, abundance and joy? The choice is yours.

10 thoughts on “Trash Your Internet Business in 7 Easy Steps”

  1. Jack – what a great post! I love the humor in getting the message across!

    You’ve hit ALL the reasons why most people fail – unfortunately I think it is part of the cycle, you need to waste thousands of dollars before you decide you’re not getting anywhere then do things the way that should have been done… wait, that doesn’t sound right.

    Of course the answer is to chuck the hucksters, save your money, trash the TV and visit blogs like yours to get the real truth.



  2. Thanks Mohamed! I appreciate that very much! 🙂
    I think way too many of us venture down the money pit before we finally “get it” and realize that simple action itself is one of the best initial investments that we can make.
    Just think, if everyone “chucked the hucksters”, 95% of the IM economy would tank, and then we would experience a brave new world! 😛

  3. Hi Jack,

    I was so excited about the 6th Edition of Internet Business Blog Carnival that I ended up posting a few hours early (well… ok, 9 hours early; it’s 1:00am PST in my part of the world). I’ve also done this edition differently in that I’ve provided an accompanying podcast & the editors picks. I’ve featured this post as an editors pick. It would be great to get feedback from you a few days later about how the post went in getting more traffic to your site – I’m curious to know if this will boost submitters traffic.

    Take care!


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