The Thing About Blog Carnivals

Do you know a great way to gain links to your blog? If you said “blog carnival”, you answered correctly. Blog carnivals are a fantastic way to build up your backlinks which increase your rankings in the SERPS as well. I learned about blog carnivals from James Brauschs blog. I purchased one of his procedures covering blog carnivals. This is an essential procedure to add to your business & I would recommend it highly.

There’s only one hitch about doing the blog carnival thing. It’s TIME CONSUMING!. This is one of those tasks that can be outsourced or if you do it yourself, be prepared to spend at least an hour. If you want to hit all the relevant carnivals related to your latest blog posting, you need to scroll through the drop down list and find a carnival that is relevant to your content. Then you hit submit and repeat the process. What takes so long is having to scroll through that list again to find the next relevant blog. See why outsourcing this procedure is so tempting?

I’ve come up with another alternative. I just finished a nifty little tool that will submit your blog post to all the relevant blog carnivals automatically! You can create your own categories and add your desired blog carnivals to them. Any time after that, you can simply load the desired category list and click auto submit. Boom, it’s done! 1-3 hours worth of work in a matter of seconds! I also added a manual submit as well so that you can manually scroll through your list to tweak any special categories along the way. Even in manual mode, you are only talking a couple minutes as opposed to hours.

My new tool is called Xingla (pronounced “shing-la”) Pro. This is going to be a real kick-butt backlink machine! I will be using it for a few days to make sure that there are no serious bugs and then let you in on my 24 hour special. If you’re not already signed up to receive blog announcements, now is a good time to sign up so that you don’t miss out.


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