The Pseudo Success Bound

I just read an interesting article by James Brausch that got me fired up enough to drop what I was doing and write this post.  I normally don't post until the evenings, but here we go.  According to Jame's posting, he had apparently given a gift, an instructional DVD on creating your own blog or product, I think, to a "friend" / acquaintance.  When this person came to see James, he apparently gave James a hard time about how he wasn't succeeding, and laying out excuses about why he didn't and wouldn't do the key points in the DVD.  The details can be read in James' Post.  what I want to touch upon, is what makes this type of individual tick.

I was floored to read that still another person, Robert, had taken the initiative to come all the way out to Costa Rica for a day with James, get treated to dinner, plus a day to all the attractions, receive a free valuable gift from him, and not even find it in his heart to return at the very least, a little appreciation!  In the beginning, and on the surface, you initially see the qualities of an up & coming 2%er.  He took action, he met with James and listened.  Then later, he created a product from his conversations.  Apparently, he even has a blog somewhere that he has promoted his new product through.  Ooops! It looks like he then started re-selling or including pirated copies of one of James' own products too!  Wow!  Now granted, I'm hearing just one side of the story, but James Brausch has a solid reputation for integrity, honesty and pulling no punches.  Personally, I like those qualities.  

Success seeking individuals usually fall into one of two categories.  Those who are looking to build a solid foundation of honesty, integrity and service to their customers, and those who are looking for the quick buck.  The opportunity chasers.  Those in the first category will enjoy long lasting success and accomplish great things as they cross off them off their bucket list one by one.

Those in the second category are simply the "pseudo successful".  They have the appearance of one who is on the road to success.  They talk a good game, and may even rake in a lot of income.  For a while, that is.  The problem is that their business is built on a foundation of sand,  as the story goes in the Bible.  Sooner or later, it comes crashing down as the next opportunity is pursued.  A 98%er will likely never recognize the difference between the truly successful and the pseudo successful from outward appearances.   These pseudo doers are almost impossible to detect by anyone at the beginning.  When they are detected, the response is usually very defensive.  They will bully you and then accuse you of being the bully to cover up their own personality flaws.

One way to detect a pseudo 2%er acquaintance, (if you were even remotely interested, that is) is to go visit them and see how they're faring.  When you spot them inside their trailer propped up in front of the TV with a beer, sitting in their favorite chair right under the velvet "dogs playing poker" painting, you'll have a clue!  Watch out for that killer chihuahua!

But seriously, this leads to my final rambling.  It all goes back to that one character flaw that was likely produced back in the world of TV-J.O.B.-Life of the 98% world brainwashing program.   Everybody owes you something.   The losers will always believe that anyone who is "better off" than they are owes them.  They owe you their money.  They owe you their gifts.  They owe you to hold their hand and make your business and money for them.  This "everyone owes me something" mindset is exactly why you have opportunity chasers.  Why does one jump from opportunity to opportunity?  Because they're looking for something that will do everything for them of course!  Lack of focus & lofty goals.  Perhaps in their mind, you, the creator of the info product also owe them a lifetime of hand holding and personal attention until their entire business can be built for them. Then you will have to run it for them as well to keep it going, naturally.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your business is to stay focused on real pursuits, be honest, and be appreciative of what others may offer along the way.  Remember them as you grow and return the favor when you can.  It's not too much to ask, just common decency. 

I've made my share of mistakes along the way and I haven't yet reached the "James Brausch level" in my internet business.  I'm still climbing my way up the ranks, so to speak, but I  consider myself a rising force, who has the desire to help as many as I can along the way by providing useful information and products.  Always be willing to listen and learn from those who have trodden down the proven path.  Ego trips are for losers.  Now as for the fakes – when the wrapping finally comes off, and it always does, the pseudo 2%er will always be exposed in the end. 

Note to James Brausch – I recently purchased a pre-release copy of James Brausch's internet business book, vol. 2.   James, if you happen to read this, I will be sending the grammer & spelling corrections this weekend.

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  1. Jack, as you noted, you only heard one side of this story. I can assure you, there is no shortage of people who don’t think very highly of James Brausch. You might want to do some searching on the net for posts about James Brausch. They are not always flattering. You should also read Robert Phillips earlier post here:

    [ Thanks for the comment Terry. Every story should be presented from both sides. 😀 ]

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  3. Thanks for the comment (trackback) Robert! I checked out your posts and other related posts and you don’t seem like such a bad guy to me. Personally, I think your readers appreciate what you have to offer and really aren’t going to be affected much by James’ rantings. 😛


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