The Missing Ingredient

galaxyA couple years ago a movie/documentary came out that was quite popular called "The Secret".  It was quite popular and controversial at the same time.  Some thought it was life transforming while others thought was a complete crock.  The Secret dealt with the law of attraction and how you can use it to achieve anything you wish in life.  I'm referring to "The Secret" in this post because there are many people who equate (either negatively or positively) the law of attraction with what they picked up in the movie.  This was an introduction to the concept for many.  I first studied this waaaaayyyy back in the 1980's!  Ok, now I'm dating myself.  

In fact, so many have been introduced to the law of attraction via "The Secret", its the very reason that I'm writing this post.  I would like to address one important thing about the movie.  In my opinion, unless I missed something along the way, the movie seemed to cover everything except the actual secret itself!  You couldn't help but to walk away feeling inspired and having a sense that anything was now possible, but that's about all.

Visualizing your desires, programming your mindset to "live" in the reality that you want to create is only half of the picture.  Taking action is a most essential ingredient and was barely touched upon, if at all, in the movie.  I can just imagine thousands of people getting inspired and then beginning a routine of visualizing new beginnings in their lives, then, after nothing much happening for results, going back to the same old thing.  Action is what gets results! 

 Here's the Key:

The visualization and reality shifting side of it is what gets the energies in motion.  Everything is created in a non-physical form BEFORE it ever reaches the physical realm (including us, but that's another story).  This is where the visualization and reality shifting comes into play.  Once you create this in the non physical realm, then various signs, opportunities, etc., will begin to manifest themselves.  This is the point where you must recognize these things and seize the opportunity, or pursue the new friend who has stumbled into your life.  Whatever the manifestation, this is the result of what you created and it is trying to materialize into physical reality.  Now, by taking action, you are pulling your creation into your physical reality.  If you ignore it, some other signs will appear for awhile until you either act, or continue to ignore it.  If you simply ignore these things which are now coming your way in everyday life, then eventually your creation will dissipate and stay in the non-physical until you bring it back to life again and act.

If you follow these steps, you can't fail.  Really huge shifts sometimes take multiple actions to pull every component into reality.  This is most easily done by goal setting.  For example, if you're living in your car (like I did back in 1986) and you want to become a millionaire, then most likely its going to take multiple steps to make your reality.  Build smaller components into your reality that lead up to your ultimate goal, which is always visualized, even while visualizing your "stepping stones".   Each component should build upon the other.  Pull them into reality one by one and you will arrive.  Its the law of the universe and it is just as real as the invisible electricity that you feel when you stick your finger in the light socket (P.S. – Don't stick your finger in the light socket!).   Sure, you can visualize winning the lottery, but is it in your best interest to develop your spirit?  Probably not.  Life is about growing through challenge and experience.  A winning lotto ticket, although not impossible, probably won't cut it.  

Now that you have the keys, take it out for a spin and see where it takes you!

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