The High Road To Beijing


Right now I’m flying along at around 35,000 feet with my wife Tingting & son Kevin to Beijing.  If you haven’t done much traveling, you should consider getting out there and creating some memories to cherish and look back on when you’re old & decrepit.

Every time I visit China, I experience something new and exciting.  I’ll be sharing pics and videos that I’ll be taking during my 3 weeks there.  I hope you’ll follow along and share in my experiences. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The High Road To Beijing”

  1. Hi Ray,

    Sorry about that. I haven’t received any emails, so I checked our contact form on and it appears not to be working.

    I’ll get it fixed right away.

    I recommend spacing your submissions to a week for each list. Many blog carnival hosts don’t like receiving too many submissions too quickly, because some only post once every one to two weeks.

    I have also sent this reply to your email as well Ray.

    Thanks again for the great comments and your support… plus the heads up. I really appreciate that. 🙂


  2. Tingting? Son? Married! YOU!!

    I have tears Jack, you deserve it after the crap days here in Phoenix and other trials and tribulation. GOOD for you (OLD man hahah).

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