The Beijing Olympic Center

This was a great time.

The first page shows pics of the indoor national gymnasium,  the birds nest and one from inside the birds nest stadium with me, my mother-inlaw & Kevin.  The entry fee to get inside the birds nest was 50 Yuan each ( around $7 USD).  50 Yuan each is pretty steep in China, but a bargain for us yanks.

Page 2 – some pics around the birds nest square, some night shots of the birds nest & watercube (very cool), and more from inside the stadium.

Finally, on page 3 – more stadium pics, including a Kevin admirer from Iran. 🙂

More to follow from Tiananmen Square in the next post.

2 thoughts on “The Beijing Olympic Center”

  1. Hey Jack,

    Some more great pictures! I see there are some proud parents and grandparents…not to mention the captivated Iranian. 🙂 Besides the unique structure as seen by day, I was amazed at the coloring and patterns when they are lit up at night. It’s quite reminiscent of the place that I often travel to. It sure seems that this has been a great family reunion. Everyone is smiling and seeming to have a good time. That’s great to see!

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