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As you may or may not know, one very effective way to get traffic, and I mean targeted traffic to your blog is by article writing. When I first joined James Brausch’s intern program, I received a copy of Artemis which is an article submission software that contains an internal list of publishers in which you can submit your articles.

This isn’t your typical article submission software. With Artemis, you make some changes in each paragraph of your article at least three times. Now when submitting your article, Artemis will randomly shuffle the corresponding paragraph versions in your article for each submission to a publisher in the list. For example, one of 4 versions of paragraph 1 randomly shuffled, one of 4 versions of paragraph 2 randomly shuffled, and so on.

This in turn creates thousands of unique variations of your article instantly which allow you to avoid any duplicate content penalties by the search engines. The results is an 1875% increase in your article marketing efforts. As if this wasn’t already effective enough, you can turbo charge Artemis by using a large external list of publishers. But how do you get them?

Well, you could trudge through the search engines and spend hours putting a list together (not a great idea), you could outsource the job to someone else, or you can pick up a list of 1000 publishers from James Brausch’s web site who just happens to be running a 24 hour special right now.

This is an amazing deal and well worth the 30 bucks! I’m going to pick up a copy right after posting this blog entry. Another thing that James mentioned was that he would recommend products or services to new businesses that follow his methods. Well I’m going to boldly stick my neck out and make an offer to James. If James agrees, I will make my Xingla Pro Blog Carnival Submission software available exclusively to James Brausch intern members for 50% off the normal price! Blog Carnival submissions are one of his intern procedures and I feel that it would benefit them greatly. James, if you’re interested just let me know at admin[at] and we can work out the details for getting a special order link available to your interns, and a copy of Xingla Pro for you to check out.

Article Submission and Blog Carnival submissions are the two most powerful traffic and back-link building methods on the planet. If you’re an Artemis user, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the publisher list being offered at James’ Internet Business Blog now. If you’re not a user, quit screwing around and get a copy now so that you can build your business. Taking action now could be the turning point in your internet business.

8 thoughts on “The Artemis Booster”

  1. Would love to speak with you about getting a discount on your product looks good. I know that Jim usually charges around $35 for his specials. Is this what you are thinking about from a price perspective?


  2. Hi Edgar,

    I found no problem with the video link, it seems to be working fine. Perhaps there was a temporary streaming issue.

    As for the other links in the footer, thanks for pointing that out. I have fixed them and they now work.



  3. Hi Barbara,
    Originally, there was a 24 hour special for $35 when Xingla Pro was first released.

    The offer made in this post was to make it available for any members of the J.B. intern program for $50.

    I had to withdraw that offer due to some poor wording on my part. See my next post. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi Jack,

    Xingla Pro sounds like a great tool. I’m wondering about the number 17 mentioned twice on the sales letter. Up to now, whenever I submitted an Internet business related article I could easily find at least 30 if not 40 carnivals to submit that article to.

    And what about updates in the list of available carnivals. Users are supposed to update their list inside Xingla Pro themselves, right? Perhaps a v2 in the future offers the option of entering the article’s theme and the tool automatically submits to all carnivals related to that article’s theme. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Still, your tool sounds like a great time saver.

    Take care!


    Marcus Hochstadts last blog post..The Importance Of An Internet Business Plan

  5. Hi Marcus,
    Great suggestion! I’ll note that for a future update. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Regarding the number 17, I included a general “internet business” starter list of 17 carnivals for new users to get the feel of the software. This list can be modified of course, to have as many as you wish.

    You are also correct about updating the list. The users build their own custom lists and save them from within the software. It’s quite easy to build inside Xingla and the custom lists can also be modified as you probably noticed in the video.


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