The Alexa Factor

alexa toolbarLast week I published a blog post called "Alexa And Its Alternatives".  This post was inspired by an article from Richard Lee's website.  Richard shrewdly pointed out that there is quite a search volume for "alexa alternatives" by people who have the Alexa toolbar already installed.

By offering information to these visitors, you are allowing yourself an instant Alexa boost.  I did this partially as an experiment to see what would happen.  When I posted the article, my Alexa rating was around 3,550,000.  Being that this is a newly relocated blog, that's about right.  Within 2 days after my post, my Alexa rating increased to 1,575,267.  That's over 2 million points!  I have to say that those are pretty impressive results.

To be fair, I got an incredible traffic surge for my "Reality Shift!" article which probably influenced the rating as well.  The data shows, however, that the bulk of the Alexa boost was directly related to the Alexa post.  That was pretty cool!   

I also want to thank Richard for the acknowledgment on his blog & the awesome Alexa idea!

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