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Erasing Limiting Beliefs

Erasing Limiting Beliefs by George LutzEvery once in a while, a book or ebook comes along that stands out and makes you go “whoa!”.  These are the times when those defining memories are created through self revelations about yourself and the universe around you.

There’s many good books out there that tease you with bits of wisdom and useful philosophies that can help you down the road to enlightenment and self improvement.

More often than not, however, we are left a little short changed and wondering why the techniques outlined don’t quite live up to our expectations when we apply them to our own lives.

This is usually the case because, as warm and fuzzy as some books can make you feel about changing your life, they just don’t address the core beliefs that you may hold.

This is where Self-Transformation Beyond Belief, by George Lutz really stands out as one of the finest self transformation ebooks that I have ever come across.   The title really nails it.

In this book, you really get down to the very core of what it is that defines us.  We are defined by our beliefs.  Think about it…  we literally are our beliefs and memories.

Not all of our beliefs are good beliefs, yet we hold them because we misinterpreted or made a judgment on some aspect of an experience, which was then filed into our unconscious mind.

This limiting belief now has become a part of who we are, and all the positive affirmations in the world to change it aren’t really going to help, because deep down inside we still hold that core belief as being true.

If you’ve ever tried positive affirmations to reverse a negative belief, you know the feeling of what I’m talking about.  It’s the feeling that you would get trying to convince yourself that the sky is really green when you know it to be blue.

This ebook shows you how to get beyond those limiting beliefs once and for all.  Not to simply mask your limiting beliefs, but to ERASE and replace them!  This is the only true way to self-transformation, and take it from me, it works!

The stunning revelations that you gain through this ebook will forever change the way you see the world around you.  For the skeptic,  George Lutz backs up these concepts with quantum physics.  Science is only now beginning to see the profound interconnection with your physical universe and the divine.  George does a wonderful job at explaining these concepts in a language that you & I can understand.

I had the honor of crossing paths with George Lutz via this magical medium of the internet nearly two years ago.  George is an extremely fascinating, kind and enlightened soul.  He is a retired CEO of a technology related company.

George has had many highs as well as low points in his lifetime.  Depression was a condition in which he had to battle with for a good many years.  About 7 years ago, George’s life went through an amazing transformation.

Never again to deal with the devastating effects of depression and an unfulfilled life that can come as a result of being a slave to your own limiting beliefs.  Realizing that no obstacle can’t be overcome, including illnesses & disease.  These of course, are also manifestations of negative and conflicting beliefs.

His fascination with quantum physics, the universe, and what it is exactly that makes us tick inside, all seemed to combine to form a life changing experience.  An experience so profound, that now he must share this with the world.

This is a must read for anyone who truly wants live their lives to the fullest.  You can take control of your destiny! Don’t ever settle for having destiny control you.

Self-Transformation Beyond Belief is something that can forever change your life.  I would never waste your time or mine writing about this if I didn’t truly believe in this myself.  What’s more, after reading this ebook, you’ll almost feel guilty that you only paid $29.97 for this!

Do yourself a favor, if you want the most out of life, take a quick assessment of yourself.  Are you not completely satisfied with where your are in life? Do you seem to always end up in bad relationships? Loaded down with debt? Maybe your internet business is in the tank.

We all have some aspect in our lives that could use a makeover.  Take a time out from what you’re doing right now and pick up a copy of this amazing ebook.  You can get it here:


As you can see, this is not an affiliate link, and I don’t get a dime from the sales of this book.  I believe in George and the power of my own experiences with this wonderful ebook. The treasures that I have gained from this ebook are truly priceless.

I would like you to experience the power of George Lutz’s words as well.  Self-transformation in your own life is just a click away.

Reality Shift!!!

How is your reality?  Is it a wonderful life?  Interesting? Comfortable? Do you see a world full of beauty, joy and abundance?  Perhaps you perceive quite the opposite.  A world of scarcity. A cold universe where survival of the fittest is the only rule.  Negative people everywhere seemingly waiting in line just to make you their next punching bag.  How can it be that two people can have such opposing views of reality?

Maybe person "A" in the positive universe was just born under a lucky star.  Some people have all the luck, right?  Person "B" (negative universe) thinks that he was just randomly picked by God to get the "shaft" in life in order to keep balance in the universe.  Doesn't seem very fair to person "B" does it?  Let's call person "B" Fred and person "A" Bob.  

Fred can't help but to dwell on his situation day after day.  The lack of money, and the abundance of bills are the norm.  He can't get out of the situation because it takes money to break the cycle.  When a little money does comes along, that's when something happens, like the car taking a dump, or the water heater exploding.  The old "two steps forward, then pushed three steps back" scenario.   When it rains, it pours, and all that.

Bob, on the other hand has a life full of abundance.  He sees a world full of friendly people.  Bob knows that negative things exist out there, but just like Fred, he dwells on his own reality all the time.  His focus is on abundance and happiness.  Taking action on his goals and seeing them come into reality on a regular basis.  If a goal doesn't get accomplished, then Bob will simply try a different approach until he succeeds.  Fred will give up after the first try and go back to watching TV until some opportunity may happen to fall into his lap. 

Now we're starting to see a pattern here.  Fred dwells on his reality and keeps the negative cycle going by feeding it every day.  Thinking about the bills and tight budget all the time.  Wondering when the next disaster will come that will suck more cash away on payday.  By expecting the next disaster, he is unconsciously creating them and funneling them right into his universe.

Bob also dwells on his reality and keeps the positive cycle going by feeding it every day.  Thinking about new ideas to increase his business.  Working on ways to achieve even more freedom so that he can spend time with his wife & kids.  Knowing that money won't be a problem, because he can make it anytime he wishes.  The money side of things is just a "given" and a natural by-product of his reality. 

Bob attracts positive people into his life while Fred attracts negative people & "friends" into his life.  This is a natural result of the law of attraction.  This is a universal law that applies to everyone.  "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" could apply here as well. Where you focus is the key!  The natural step that Fred would probably take to improve his life would be to affirm to himself, "I want to aquire more income so I can get out of this debt!".  Do you think that sticking to this affirmation will propel Fred out of his negative universe?  Yes?  I say, not likely.  Why?  The affirmation to make more money & get out of debt seems like the right direction, right?  Wrong!  Are you crazy Jack?  Why not?!  The reason is because Fred is STILL focusing on his current reality… scarcity & debt!

Fred doesn't get it yet.  He is still in the dream world and hasn't yet awoke from the fog.  Years of brainwashing is not easy to undo, so it must take something drastic.  You must be prepared to accept the consequences of taking the "red pill".  Even though they're good consequences.  Fred needs a reality shift!  Fred needs to start thinking within the reality that he wants to achieve.  Fred must make his current reality become the old reality.  Fred needs to dwell on the end result.  Abundance and freedom!

After reading this blog post, Fred is starting to get it.  He begins to visualize everyday of having abundance in his life and feels this abundance already coming into his current reality.  He starts thinking about the "big goal" that he wants to achieve.  Fred realizes that by setting a series of smaller goals, he can use each of them as stepping stones towards his ultimate goal.  Every accomplished stepping stone will bring him one step closer to the finish line!  Fred continues this trend everyday. As a result, Fred begins to start thinking in new ways.  Ways that were foreign to him just a short week ago.  Ideas begin to flow and new opportunities arise that will offer a way out.  Fred will soon realize that he must filter out the negative "friends" in his life and gravitate towards positive success oriented people. 

Fred also keeps his new found technique a secret.  There is personal power in a secret that you keep to yourself for improving your life.  Keeping this secret will also keep negative feedback and static at bay from the other negative people that were previously attracted into Fred's life.  This is very important as you shift your reality.  Fred also prays for wisdom and guidance.  The universe, God, higher power, whatever you want to call it is now opening the door simply because he asked.  It is his responsibility to recognize and act upon the opportunities that are now arising in his everyday life.  Often times these are subtle, so you need to look for them and act upon them immediately!

Fred has made a conscious effort to shift his reality into a better one.  Like sliding down a chute into a new parallel reality, he instantly feels this "shift" while visualizing his desired future.  You will feel this shift too, if you simply make the decision to do it, feel it, and ask for help from your higher power to put you there.   Remember, "the Lord helps those who help themselves".  You must take action to recognize and create your tomorrows as these ideas and opportunities arise. 

Now this may sound like a bunch of hocus-pocus hogwash to some people, but did you know that quantum mechanics have shown and proven that probability waves actually collapse when observed?!  There is a direct correlation between consciousness and our physical reality.

Once you understand the concept of reality shifting, you will realize your infinite power as a co-creater of your universe.  It's an amazing feeling and its much easier than living in a rut.  Why not give it a try?  Go ahead, shift your reality and see where it takes you!