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Just Suppose

quantum realitySuppose that you could manipulate your reality by simply changing your mindset.  Suppose that your reality is created in the mind first before it manifests itself into the physical realm.

Suppose that the entire universe is one connected whole.  A singularity of a super conscious mind giving the illusion of time and space to the physical expression of the body & mind.

Suppose you could instantly travel anywhere in this vast universe because you let go the idea of propulsion and instead mastered the laws that govern the microcosm… the particle-verse.

Suppose there was no future, no past.  Only a constant state of the present that is expressed in countless quantum layers of parallel realities.

Suppose that the physical mind’s expression of the self focused along a narrow beam of this eternal state of the present in a linear movement, similar to a laser in a DVD player.  Thus giving the illusion of a past and future.

Suppose that by peering deep into space that you are really looking at a distorted view of your own inner self?

Is your brain hurting yet?  All of a sudden, internet marketing just doesn’t seem so tough any more, does it!