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What’s Your Wall?

wall to success in online business pictureEveryone who has ever journeyed into the unknown in a quest to achieve something is going to encounter many obstacles along the way.  That’s just a fact of life.  Without these obstacles, there would be no learning experiences to evolve from.  That would be a pretty boring way to live life when you think about it.

I remember when I was getting started in internet business, my personal brick wall was analysis paralysis.  I was so overwhelmed with information from trying to absorb it all at once, that I would just find myself endlessly looping through the forums, checking out software and pretty much accomplishing nothing for hours & days on end.

I knew that I needed to start somewhere, but by reading the posts by pseudo experts in the forums, surfing from site to site, looking at other products, etc I was really a busy guy.  So busy, in fact that I almost had myself convinced that I was actually accomplishing something.

In reality, what I was really accomplishing was nothing.  I could justify my use of time because I was “busy”.  The bottom line however, was that my bank account was still an internet virgin.  Other than picking up nuggets of info here and there, I completely wasted nearly 6 months of my life circling around in a sort of holding pattern.

I had finally reached the point where I was getting disgusted with myself and decided to take stock of myself.  What were my real goals?  Ultimately, it was freedom that I was after, but what was stopping me from getting started?  Was it the fear of failure because of the humoring chuckles I would get when telling someone that I was going to make money online?

Maybe it’s just because I needed to keep looking until I figured out what the magic secret to online succes was.  Surely succeding online only belongs to the enlightened few that have stumbled across this “secret”, right?  Nah, the so-called ‘gurus’ didn’t know squat about this stuff when starting out either.  So what was it.  What was different about them?

Well, after stepping back and reflecting a little something hit me like a wet towel across the face.

These guys just took action, grabbed their online business by the seat of the pants and went for it.  This wasn’t simply a hobby for them, it was a business!  I suddenly realized that the real reason I was spinning my wheels was simply a lack of focus!

I had to decide on ONE thing to do, and then FOCUS on it and nothing else.  This is the single most important step to getting started.  Whether affiliate marketing is your thing, or creating an info product about something, or whatever.  Don’t get caught in the opportunity chasing trap.  Decide what you want and stick with it until you make money.

In my case, I decided to make guitar tutorials as my first endeavor.  Every evening after work I dedicated my time to creating a series of videos and eventually completed them.  I kept my focus, and followed through to completion.

That was around January, 2006.  I had worked a couple months on that first tutorial, partially because of inexperience, & partially because it was a software application with embedded video & guitar tablature.

I am still making a passive income off of those tutorials to this day.  Work once, get paid forever.  It’s a great concept.  If you keep repeating this concept, you can easily visualize how this will lead to freedom.

So what’s your brick wall?  If you take a little time to sit back and confront your wall, you are likely to discover that your brick wall is not a brick wall at all.  Instead, it’s simply a door waiting for you to take the action to open it.