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James Brausch’s Open Question Time

Here is another chance to ask a question to one of the internet's top e-business authorities. Why would you pass up an opportunity like this?  Com'on, get yourself a blog and start askin'!

My question:

Do you see any "freedom system" potential with selling tangible goods in your own online stores, or would you see this as another J.O.B. trap?

 "Brick & mortar" business owners often work long hours every day in their stores, which essentially ties them down and robs them of their freedom.  As a result, they become tied down with a J.O.B. working many more hours than the average 9-5er.  The main difference being that the business owner potentially has more to gain with his time investment than that of the worker drone's.

An e-commerce store on the other hand is much more flexible and may offer the potential for more freedom while making a great income.  How would this fare compared to digital product sites? We'll see what input James has to offer on this.