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Gotta Love That CommentLuv!

Around the end of April I made a blog post referring to some cool wordpress plugins to add to your arsenal of useful stuff. One comment I had received was from Annie, who right away took advantage of the KeywordLuv plugin that I am using.

She later left a second comment recommending another great plug-in called CommentLuv. Being the type to try out new things that may be useful to me and beneficial to my readers, I decided to look into it. Thanks Annie! I’m glad I did…

CommentLuv benefits your readers by automatically inserting their last blog post title into their comment. This way, if you have a blog and you want to leave a comment, CommentLuv will scrape your last blog post and insert it into your comment. You can really benefit from useful keywords such as “internet business”.

Here’s an example of what my comment would look like on someone else’s blog using CommentLuv:

Jack Keifer on May 21st, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Hi Homer,

That’s a great story about your son Bart. Looks like he will be president someday!


Jack’s last blog post..A Competition Free Internet Business

As you can see CommentLuv scraped the last blog post (in this example) from my web site which I added into the comment form. Now I have a great back link for “Internet Business” on Homer’s website, who just happens to have a PR 8.

Without CommentLuv I would only be back-linking for “Jack Keifer”. Not a very useful back-link. Sure, I could type “Internet Business” in the name field, but more than likely I would be flagged as a spammer and my comment would be deleted. Even though I left a useful comment, the blog owner may never look past the keyword stuffed name field.

CommentLuv is a great way to get back-links to your own blog with targeted keywords. To find other CommentLuv Blogs out there, you can Google using the phrase “Enable CommentLuv” + your target keyword. For example, if you wanted to find blogs related to internet marketing, you could Google for “Enable CommentLuv” + “Internet marketing”.

You will get back all the indexed CommentLuv blogs that are using CommentLuv and related to internet marketing. Now go leave some useful comments and get some nice relevant backlinks to your blog.

You can potentially generate a lot of extra traffic to your blog as well, because readers of other blogs will see your cool headline and click on it to see what you have to say.

CommentLuv is also a great way to get more people commenting on your own blog as well. Remember back when your blog was new? It probably took awhile before you got that first comment. You may not have had more than a handful of readers.

Blog posts with comments shows your visitors that you are creating interesting and useful content that people want to respond to. Comments also validate that you have a following and decent traffic which encourages others to come back and eventually contribute. This adds to the credibility of your blog.

A majority of readers rarely, if ever, comment. CommentLuv just may be a great way to encourage your readers to chime in and contribute to your blog. It’s a win-win for both the blogger and reader. Give it a try!