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WordPress plugins for your internet business blogI was surfing around some of my favorite blogs today & I came across two different posts relating to some cool WordPress plugins that I never paid attention to in the past. The first one I discovered was noted in Mohamed Bhimji’s Blog called alinks. This awesome plugin will automatically create a link from any keywords that you choose. As you noticed above – Mohamed Bhimji and alinks were both auto-generated by alinks. Somehow, I missed Mohamed’s post on the 16th and I’m glad I found it. I immediately installed this plugin and started creating my keywords.

This is especially valuable for creating some back links to your other products and web sites. Alinks will automatically update your entire blog to show the proper back links from your chosen keywords. For example, I have a number of posts that references AmazingCloaker, my url link cloaking product. In one instance, every reference to AmazingCloaker has been automatically updated to link to my product website.

You may have also noticed that the keywords such as “AmazingCloaker” only auto links once within a post. Another smart feature to prevent inadvertent anchor stuffing, which would have a reverse effect on your SEO. You can even opt to not display keywords past a certain date. Oh, did I mention that it’s FREE? This is a definite “must have plugin!

Then I was off to Kenton Newby’s blog. As usual Kenton always has great posts to read, and today, coincidentally, he had posted an article about a couple great plugins that he’s added to his arsenal as well.

The first one is called KeywordLuv. This cool little plugin allows your commenters to insert keywords into the Name field without being flagged as spammers. For example, in the “Name” field, you would insert your name, then an “@” symbol followed by your keyword phrase. For example, if you wanted to use the keywords “Internet Business Blog” as your back link anchor text, and your name was Joe, simply type in (without the quotes) “Joe @ Internet Business Blog”. Everything after the “@” symbol is stripped out into anchor text for your back link, which corresponds to your website info that you then enter into the URL field.

In order for this to work, you need to become “dofollow” friendly. By default, WordPress uses the “nofollow” tags which doesn’t give responders the full benefit of the back link from their comments. I downloaded a “dofollow” plugin called Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin which seems like an excellent “dofollow” plugin. It has many features such as minimum response requirements and other things to discourage link spammers.

The other plugin that Kenton mentioned was WP Ajax Edit Comments. This allows you to edit your comment within a certain time after you have posted to the blog. I can think of many times when I’ve responded to a blog post, submitted, and went back to read it only to find spelling errors, or something phrased wrong, but it was too late to change it. WP Ajax Edit Comments will solve that problem for your readers.

Normally, I try not to bog down my blog with too many plugins. You’ll find people out there that have nearly every widget and plugin under the sun running in their blog. I’m always wary of what consequences that this could cause in regards to search engine indexing or just bogging down the mySQL server. However, the above plugins seem to be very friendly not only to me, the blog host, but more importantly, to you the reader as well.

If you have a blog, do yourself a favor and check them out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Although I have not yet gotten the KeywordLuv plugin to work, my blog at is DoFollow for comments.

    I just discovered the KeywordLuv plugin (great idea!) earlier today, but sadly my theme seems to be incompatible. This probably doesn’t matter much, however; people seem to be doing a good enough job of putting their keywords in the name field anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Thanks for sharing – I think comment and keywordluv are great for bloggers and commenters and bloggers alike – I find now (and I have with this blog) that you can search on Google for your term + commentluv and it will pull up blogs with this feature active so it makes it even easier for us. Will be implementing it on my blog and ISA site too.

  3. Hi, I also don’t pay attention to this WordPress plugins, but after reading your post I understand, that they will be very useful for my work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post about some amazing tools. Iโ€™m really just getting started with my blog and Iโ€™m constantly amazed at the number of free tools that are available. My only problem is the limitations with free blogging platforms. I have set-up a serviced offices blog but can’t get it working.
    Thanks for pointing out these ones.

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  5. Great post…especially alinks. Never heard of it, but I might just go install it right now! A quick note: I think there is a problem with your keywordluv plugin. Right now (March 11), it hyperlinks to the whole thing: name@my keywords when it should probably just link to the keywords. Anyway, love the post. Now, I have to go get alinks…

    Thanks, Richard (I didn’t use name @ due to the note above ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  6. The KeywordLuv plugin is indeed very cool. I’ve been using it for a while and it makes a significant difference. I would never think of blogging without it and I don’t understand why every blogger doesn’t use it.

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  8. I am totally loving this keywordluv plugin, it helps us get the backlinks that we need in order for our website to get more traffic and it also helps increase pagerank! Thanks !

  9. I have been searching the internet for this type of thing for ages, what an informative and busy blog you have. I have bookmarked the website and I will also forward the link to a few of my good friends so they too can enjoy your blog.

    Thanks again,


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