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AmazingCloaker is no longer available or supported as of 2018.


*** AmazingCloaker is going open source in Summer 2022! ***

Due to moving on to other things in 2015, it no longer became feasible to continue offering and maintaining AmazingCloaker.  However, I have now decided to resurrect this fine software and make it available for free to any affiliate marketer who can benefit from this.  Given that these are not the best economic times for many people, I feel that re-writing the software and making it available for free will allow me to give back to the Internet Business community.

The source code is now very dated so it needs a complete rewrite which has taken some time to do.  As soon as the software is ready, I will post the links below.  It should be available for Windows, MacOS, & Linux.

I’m projecting that the initial release should be sometime in October 2022.

**Note:  Unlike the previous paid version, I won’t be offering any official support for AmazingCloaker, however the help file will be very detailed, and I will do my best to try and quickly resolve any bugs that might exist, and will be updating as often as needed.