Practical Freebies For Your Business

Many people in my experience who bring up the subject of Internet Business, or "Internet Marketing" as commonly referred to by the forum junkies, seem to always have a reason that they are in the same boat now as they were a year ago.  A common response is "I've been trying to do internet marketing for the past year, but I just haven't gotten anywhere yet."  Oh? Trying?  Why are you trying?  Trying is not going to make you successful!  DOING is the only way.   I can sit in front of my computer and TRY to turn it on, or I can actually DO IT by reaching over, pushing the power button and turning on the computer.  The first is Non-Action (trying), The second is ACTION (doing). 

One reason people use the "trying" excuse is from being short on funds.  So you say, "I'd like to create a product, but I don't have the funds to buy the software that I need to do it."  Sorry, that's just another lame excuse.  Did you know that you can get all the software that you need to make an info product for free?  It's true & I'm not referring to the pirated stuff either, it's all open source, and they will empower you to declare your freedom.  That is, if you're ready to drop the excuses.  Here are some of the goodies out there:


One of the best types of information products to create is video products.  Customers see the best value in video products.  You can allow your customer to peak over your shoulder while you take them step by step through a procedure.  For example, I created an internet business blogging course using Camstasia, a paid equivalent with with some fancy, but not essential features.  With CamStudio, you can create your product from start to finish and within hours have your own product ready to sell to the public.  I've used Camstudio in other projects and it performs exceptionally well.


If audio based information products or audio books is your bag, you should check out Audacity.  This is an audio editing suite where, like Camstudio, you can create an audio product from start to finish and have your own info product ready to go before you know it.   There's a ton of audio formats available including those for streaming and podcasting!

Open Office

If eBooks are your thing, or if you simply want a great alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office suite, Open Office is the way to go!  I frequently use Open Office myself and love it.  Frankly, I'm amazed that such a quality product is free!  You can do everything (and more) with Open Office that you can do with the Microsoft version.  Plus, if you are using the Word Processor to create your eBook, you can export it to a .PDF file when you're finished!  No need for shelling out 600+ bucks for Adobe Acrobat!

Gimp – PhotoShop Alternative

 If you're looking for an image manipulating program, this is a great one.  This is the same open source software that I used to create the header graphic on my blog tutorial info page.  In my course, there are three videos stepping you though using Gimp to create the header.  If PhotoShop and other image software are too pricey for your budget right now, Gimp is a great alternative.  This software has many photoshop like features and will enable you to create professional looking graphics, headers, banners and more.

Ok, now that I've eliminated the excuses for not having the money to buy the stuff that you need to make an info product, you know what the next 3 steps are:

1. take action

2. take action

3. take action!