5 Ways to Pimp your Bottom Line

bag-o-moneyIf you’re looking to make money online, or if you are already making money online, then you either need, or already have something to sell.

After all, anyone making money online is selling something in one way or another, whether it be a service, physical item, or a digital product, it all comes down to having something that someone else needs or wants, and providing it to them for a fair price.

If you don’t feel that you’re pulling in as much as you could be, then maybe you just need to be adding a few tricks to your bag. I find that many of us hear so much of the same ol’ same ol’ on the forums and around the net, that after awhile we just tend to ignore them hoping that there’s a new magic bullet out there you may stumble across that only you and a select few get privy to.

You know what I mean about same ol’ same ol’, right? Article marketing, building a list, and stuff like that… blechhh! How totally boring.

But you know what? There’s nothing fancy about a hammer either, but if you need to pound in a nail, it works every time. It never needs a re-boot, and it’s absolutely reliable, but how many of us actually get excited about using or possessing a hammer.

It’s not likely that you’ll be struting into a club somewhere shouting to your friends, “hey man check out my new hammer!”, and soon gathering a huge crowd of interested spectators as they check out your new hammer with the genuine rubber grip. If anything, they will likely dispurse rapidly out the door not quite knowing if you’re some kind of nut job getting ready to throw down and break bad with it.

Concentrating on the staples of your business is not overly interesting, and sometimes downright boring, but it happens to be the very fuel that keeps your buisness alive.

Have a product, generate leads, sell your product, generate more leads. That’s the simple basic formula. When you start straying into other areas, always ask yourself whether this is going to either create a new product or service for you, generate more leads, or more sales in some way. If not, then don’t waste your time.

Here are 5 essentials to a healthy online business:

  1. Build a list – Yeah, you’ve probably heard it a million times, but are you actually doing it? And beyond that, are you providing your people with value? The people on your list are the single most valuable asset you can have. Treat them good, and they will reward you over and over again, pretty much on demand.
  2. Do the article thing – Another subject that gets old after the um-teenth time… remember the hammer story? It really works, and once its on the internet, it can be there forever, sending traffic your way. Not only that, but there are so many ways that you can maximize your articles. One example is that you can put some of your articles in your blog, and then refer your list to them as a way to provide them with value.
  3. Test everything. If you enjoy leaving serious bank on the table, then by all means, don’t test. Testing what works and what doesn’t is vital to improving your sales over time. You may think that you came up with the greatest headline of all time in your sales page, but your visitors may beg to differ. You may think that you know what they want, but they may tell you otherwise if you give them the chance. Test, test, test… Testing is literally your keys to the kingdom.
  4. Look professional. I don’t care what the so called gurus say about shabby looking websites pulling in millions… Bull-stuff! If your site looks shlocky, why should I, the prospect, take you seriously? What does that say about your product or service? Take a little time to check your spelling, add some nice graphics, and straighten your margins to say the least. The extra effort will pay off again and again.
  5. Offer great customer service. As amazing as it sounds, some will disagree with me, but offering the best customer service possible will reward you greatly. Some see this as a loss leader, or time spent that offers nothing in return for you. I totally disagree with this philosophy. I see great customer service as a way of showing my prospects that they are important. A repeat customer and a raving fan is a priceless commodity. This aspect of your internet business is not a loss leader, it’s an investment!

Follow the 5 essentials, and you can’t help but to have a thriving internet business. πŸ™‚

It’s Official – AmazingCloaker 6 is Here

AmazingCloaker6aWell it’s been a long time coming, but its finally here! AmazingCloaker 6 is a whole new animal. Recoded from the ground up, you can now run it on Windows, Mac OS-X, and Linux.

I initially planned to release it much earlier, but I started receiving great suggestions for improvement from my customers, especially from Steve Brown and Geoff Wiley.

They inspired me to take AmazingCloaker to a whole new level, and when you see the new features, I think that you’ll agree that it was well worth the wait.

So what else is new in AmazingCloaker 6?

For starters, AmazingCloaker 6 now has an Article Cloaker. If you’re an article marketer, you are more than likely aware that article directories such as ezinearticles.com won’t allow affiliate links, or links that point to your review page unless your review page is located on the top-level of your domain.

In other words, it has to be on your homepage. Well, this means that if you write articles for 30 different products, you will need 30 different websites if you want to refer readers from your articles… holy ouch batman!

Now with AmazingCloaker, you can cloak your website for the article directories! Simply create sub directories for your affiliate review pages, and then you can cloak your homepage to display those review pages as your homepage when the reader clicks on your specially formatted link contained within your article.

Here is a quick demo of how the article cloaker works:

I have cloaked declareyourday.com to work with article directories. Below are links for three different examples. Click on each link, and you will notice that each time your browser will show http://www.declareyourday.com in the address bar, but each link will display different content.

Example 1: Any standard link to my website, such as from a search engine displays my actual homepage: http://www.declareyourday.com

Example 2: Cloaked article link. This would be located within the body or resource box of your article:

blah, blah… you can find out more about blue widgets here: http://www.declareyourday.com?blue-widgets

The actual location is in a sub directory called blue-widgets on declareyourday.com

Example 3: Cloaked article link pointing to another sub directory on declareyourday.com:

…blah blah, find out more about Red Widgets by clicking here. (This cloaked url points to http://www.declareyourday.com?widgets&red )

The actual location is in a sub-directory two levels deep – /widgets/red on delcalareyourday.com

As you can see, the links are formatted as top-level domains. The ‘?’ and ‘&’ characters are typically used when calling variables in a server script, like when you want to track clicks or something, so they are perfectly legit to use in your articles.

Footer Slide-up Designer

The other awesome feature is the slide-up designer. AmazingCloaker now has a slideup designer that you can insert your capture code into from your autoresponder service or software (ie- AWeber, getresponse, etc).

The slide-up designer gives you 5 different themes to choose from (Signup for a free ebook, audio, video, to receive updates, and special offer). Each theme includes graphics which are auto-generated, or you can insert your own graphic.

You can also choose from thousands of combinations of background gradients & colors, and you can also time your offer to slide up (or fade in), and / or close after a specified time.

You can see a demo of the slide-up form here: http://www.amazingcloaker.com/1test.php

Improved Embedded Cookie Features

I have also improved the embedded cookie feature. You now have two options for the embedded cookie. The first is the auto-generated third-party cookie dropper, which is the same embedded cookie technique used in previous versions of AmazingCloaker.

The problem with third-party cookies is that newer web browsers have become rather unfriendly with affiliate links and third party cookies. Often times they don’t work anymore if the affiliate network uses first party cookies to set your info. Clickbank is a prime example.

Thus the reason form coming up with the second option, which is a forced redirect. When this option is enabled, the visitor will be automatically redirected out to the vendor’s website. If the visitor was expecting to read your review first, they will naturally click their back button. After they do this, they will land on your review page where they can continue reading your info.

Since they were redirected before, a first-tier cookie has been set on their machine which means that you are covered in case your link is bypassed, or they save their buying decision for later.

By default, the cookie is set to drop immediately, but now you can delay the amount of time before it is dropped by specifying any number of seconds in the timer box. You can set the timer for either type of cookie that you choose.

Format your links for tracking with Google Analytics

Now there is an option where you can have AmazingCloaker automatically format your cloaked link for Google Analytics! If you’re a GA user, this will be a nice time saver for having your links properly formatted for your tracking code.

Save your startup preferences

AmazingCloaker now allows you to save your startup preferences. Do you do all your cloaking on one website? You can save your website as a default so that you don’t need to type it in every time. You can also default AmazingCloaker to always select framed or un-framed cloaking, Google Analytics formatting, setting (or not setting) and embedded cookie, and more.

WordPress friendly…

It is now easier than ever to cloak your links, and AmazingCloaker has revised the cloaking process to be friendly with WordPress when using the embedded cookie.

The embedded cookie utilizes a JavaScript to do its magic. The thing is that WordPress isn’t overly friendly about embedding javascript. AmazingCloaker 6 has solved that problem by writing the embedded cookie code into a javascript file. This makes the embedded cookie more stealthier too.

This means that along with your cloaked link code, there is a call to a javascript file. WordPress has no problems with javascript calls, it just doesn’t like embedded code. Thus, your embedded cookie will work just fine on a WordPress site.

The Familiar Stuff…

And of course, the classic features are still there. There’s no need to relearn how to cloak your links, because the fields are laid out the same. You can still save your sessions. You now have an option to auto-save your sessions every time you cloak a link, or you can choose to manually save them only when and if you wish.

There’s an FTP uploader where you can store your website locations and easily upload your redirect pages, and test your link in the internal web browser (or you can choose to test it in your default browser).

I could go on, but why not see for yourself what it can do? You can check out the video on the AmazingCloaker website here:


You can also check out the AmazingCloaker help file here to learn more:


Eat That Froggy

EatTheFrogProbably one of the most common challenges that we face in our business, or everyday life in general, is getting things done.

I remember many times back in the day when my mornings would start out fresh, and full of energy, ready to tackle that to-do list that I put together.

I’d get about half way through the list, when I’d start to get that feeling like I was walking through a mud bog, each step getting more difficult as I descended deeper into the mire.

With my energy pretty much spent, my drive to get through the rest of the list would fade away, and I would end up wasting the rest of my time unmotivated.

Those unfinished tasks, of course got shoved into the next day, and the cycle continued until the list pretty much became a black hole, and escaping the event horizon was now a bigger priority than taking it on.

When I started getting serious about internet business back in 2005, I knew that I had to find a way to be more efficient with getting things accomplished.

The solution to getting all my tasks finished was really quite simple. I realized that if I simply ordered my list from the most difficult to the easiest, I could finish everything.

Why? Well, because our batteries are freshly charged in the morning. This is our peak energy period. Logically, if you tackle the toughest job first (that frog) while your energy level is at its peak, then the rest of the tasks become progressively easier as you go down the list.

This keeps your energy level proportional to the difficulty level of the tasks at hand which generally makes for a smooth day. Once you get that frog down your throat, burning through the rest of the list is a breeze.

This one simple trick has made all the difference in the world. After five years, this method has become a normal part of my lifestyle, and it has pretty much became an unconscious habit. Something I don’t even think about anymore, because now it’s hard-wired in.

The other day, I was introduced to a video that dealt with this same subject, and it reminded me of how much of a difference this simple technique has made in my life, so I thought I would share it with you.

Here’s a link to that video:


If you want to break out of that cycle of running out of gas before you get to the finish line, then give this a try, and see if it doesn’t make a difference in your life.

Where’s Jack?

MilkCartonJackHello… I’m Jack’s computer. Have you seen this guy? I’ve been sitting here for weeks with not so much as the slightest tap on my keyboard. I’m getting lonely.

I suspect that he’s with that other one! You know, that other computer that has all the secret source codes to his cool products like Xingla Pro & AmazingCloaker.

One month, five days, and 14.3 hours since his last blog post, not that I’m counting or anything. I guess that since he’s nowhere to be found, I’ll write this post myself.

He promised to have the latest versions of AmazingCloaker & Xingla Pro out by June & July… Hmmmpf!… It’s almost October, so where is it?

I know some rough things have happened this summer, and if he’s out hangin’ with those other fancy pipeline computers, I guess that I can’t blame him too much.

I tapped into one of the boyz from the pipeline & managed to snag a pic of the new version of AmazingCloaker.

Check this out! πŸ™‚










This is a shot of the pre-release of AmazingCloaker 6. It has been re-built from the ground up and special emphasis has been given to ease of use and expanded features, such as better compatability with WordPress.

Oh yeah, and both AmazingCloaker 6 and Xingla Pro 4 can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Is that cool or what?

Jack know’s that there are a lot of Mac users out there who are a bit frustrated that all the cool internet business tools only run on Windows.

Well, there’s no sign of Jack, so I guess I’ll post this, and then turn myself off for a while. Got to keep my fan in good shape you know. It sucks when my 64-bit brain overheats. πŸ˜›

The last time that happened, everything in the room turned into Twinkies & the cat was doing the Riverdance (quite well I might add) as the room slowly faded into oblivion.

Oh by the way, rumor has it that AmazingCloaker 6 & Xingla Pro 4 are going to be released within the next few weeks….. reeeeeeally? I think it will happen this time.

Okay, off I go to silicon dreamland. Let me know if you see Jack & let him know that my keyboard is getting rusty!


The Quickening

perseid-meteorThe bathroom philosopher once said “The closer you get to the end of the roll, the faster it spins.”

I always got a kick out of this line, and it seems that every year, this becomes more & more true. Summer is winding down and the neighborhood kids will be returning to school to start another year on their journey to maturity.

I remember a time when I would count down the final days of school as if it were a summer’s version of Christmas. It was such a euphoric feeling to walk out the door on a nice summer day, knowing that I was free to just be a kid for the next 2 1/2 months.

In the space of a summer vacation, entire lifetimes were lived, empires were conquered, and just to mix it up a little, some long and slow dog day afternoons would ensue, seemingly stretching on forever. Sometimes I’d even moan that there was just nothing to do. Ahhh boredom…

Now that I think of it, I’m not sure that I can even remember the last time that I was bored. Eventually, the back to school commercials would begin to appear reminding us that the summer is coming to a close. At first its disappointing, but quickly, a sense of excitement begins to set in with the thoughts of starting a new grade level with different teachers & a change of classmates.

As the first day of school would would arrive, I often reflected back on the summer, the fun that I had, and how incredibly long it had been since I heard the school bell ring followed by the bustling of activity everywhere as we embarked upon another year of learning.

In contrast, a summer now seems more like a long weekend rather than a lifetime. Why is that? Perhaps its because when you’ve only been on the planet for a total of 9 or 10 years, a few months is a much larger portion of your entire existence. A year would be a full tenth of your lifetime! At 40 or 50 years of age, a year is a mere 40th or 50th of your entire life experience. Now your brain perceives a few summer months as just a short stretch into fall.

If you’re still quite young and want to start an online business, you may feel that you have all the time in the world. Trust me on this one, you don’t. Work at it every day as if time is running out, because as hard as it is to believe now… it will before you know it.

If you’re older, you might feel that you don’t have enough time, and even feel regret that you didn’t start sooner. Well don’t. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t start back in 1995. What matters is that you start now. Looking back will only hold you back in your old life.

Do you want to change your life for the better? Do you think the journey to that better life will take much too long to get there? Let’s say that it would take several years for you to realistically meet your ultimate goal. The thought of that in our ‘instant gratification’ society can be a real buzz-kill.

But realize this… you can get an instant change to your entire life just by the simple act of making the decision to do it. Your body is a vessel of which you are the captain. If you don’t like where you are sailing to in life, then make that commitment right now to change course. That very act will change your life.

Everything that you do from here forward will fuel you onward towards your destination. An exciting journey which can even help slow down the effects of the quickening.

Do you know what fuels the quickening? Allowing too much stress in your life will cause it. Another biggie is watching TV. Did you ever lounge around all day watching TV? Remember how fast it went? You look back wondering where the day went. Playing video games, and other useless doodling on the computer also accelerates the quickening. Think back at how quickly the night flew by as you were wasting time in the forums reading the rantings of the whiners who claim to have been “online” for years but haven’t made a dime. And still others who claim to be raking in tons of cash, yet they have the time to sit around and build up ten thousand posts in the space of a year or so.

Did you know that when you stop to smell the roses, the moment slows down as well? Anytime that you live life, or experience life, time moves at a slower pace, closer to the pace that you enjoyed as a kid. This is because you’re getting back into the moment of creative expression. This is your birthright, don’t squander it. The quickening is the price that you pay every time you do.

If you’re not happy with your life now, and it’s moving way too fast, change course, eliminate all those factors which feed the quickening. Stop watching life through TV and other mediums, and start living it. This is the first and most basic requirement to journey down the road to success.

Ending the quickening will mark your awakening. Upon awaking, you’ll wonder how you ever could have allowed yourself to exist so long in a coma. Don’t settle for living on autopilot any longer. Return to your roots and live once again! Make today your new birthday, and celebrate the wonderful new journey which lies just ahead.

A Sad Day, a New Beginning


At around 10:10am today (July 24th), my mom, Madeline Keifer, left this world to begin a new life. The picture to the left was taken just a couple weeks ago, not long after she entered the hospital.

Mom lost a battle with colon cancer. She had a tumor removed from her colon in May, and 12 weeks later it was discovered that the cancer had metastasized. The growth was extremely aggressive, doubling every two weeks.

She went back into the hospital on June 27th to get her pain under control, and it was then that the doctors told us the bad news.

I am one of six kids that my mother brought into the world. Anybody that can have six kids, and give us the wonderful ‘leave it to Beaver meets The Brady Bunch’ childhoods that we had is certainly a hero to me.

Mom was a registered nurse for over 45 years where she dedicated a good part of her life helping others. She took time off from her career to care for us, and didn’t go back into nursing until my sister (the youngest) was in high school.

She had a wonderful sense of humor, and was an avid Yankees fan. She loved all sports, really, but baseball was her favorite, and she was faithful to the NY Yankees for as long as I can remember.

The last Yankees game that she was able to follow was the game against the Rays, where the Yankees pummeled them 9 to 5 back on the 18th of July.

A couple weeks before, she asked my sister “who’s that man standing in the corner?”. Misty replied, “there’s no one there.” “Yes there is!, who is he?” my mom retorted. “Mom,” said Misty, “there’s no one there”. The room was empty and it was quiet. Misty was the only one in there with her.

About an hour later, mom woke up suddenly and said “She just told me they won… the Yankees just won the game” Misty, a bit taken aback asked “what? who told you?”. Mom said “That lady, she told me that the Yankees just now won the game”. Except for Misty, the room was empty, and it was quiet. Out of curiosity, she switched on the TV and clicked over to ESPN. At the bottom of the screen, a marquee was scrolling which read that the Yankees game just finished, and that they had won 1-0!

Was it just a coincidental hallucination brought on by the pain medicine? Perhaps, but it was quite apparent to me that there were many loved ones on the other side watching over mom & waiting to welcome her when the time came.

After that day, she never saw (or at least never told us) any other people who where not physically there. Her mind was very clear, & she was very aware right up until the end. I’m thankful for that. Even though she was too weak to speak these past few days, she still could get out a phrase here and there. The last thing I told her was “I love you mom”. She replied back several times “I love you Jack”. I embraced her as she fell back to sleep. On some level, I knew that it would be the last time that we would talk to each other & it was comforting to know that our last words to each other were “I love you”.

My sister was a Godsend. She is a school teacher, and with summer break, she practically lived at the hospital. In these final weeks, my mom was afraid to be left alone, and Misty spent many a night with her as well. Being a female, she can help take care of her in ways that only a female can.

My mom was worthy of the title in every sense of the word. She would have given up her last dollar for any of us if need be. She was always there for us, and her love was unconditional. I’m going to miss her smile, her gentle soothing voice, her wonderful sense of humor, and a host of other things that I could spend days listing.

The world seems a darker place without her. Mom lit up the lives of all that were privileged enough to know her. That light has now moved on, but the world is still a little better place because she was in it.

The last few months have been a real hell, especially for her. Back in June, she told me that maybe this was all just a nightmare, and that she would wake up from all of this.

The nightmare is now over mom, and I know that you have awakened to a new life, to be together again with all your loved ones on the other side, free from that painful body which has imprisoned you these past few months.

My mom & dad are now together once again, and I’m sure that amongst all this sadness, there is a happy reunion between them. Here in the physical realm, she is gone forever, but someday we will see each other again. Just knowing that will make even my last day, just a little brighter.

-to be continued…

I will always love you Mom.

Internet Explorer is Affiliate Unfriendly


Since the release of Internet Explorer a few years ago, third party cookie handling has slowly become more restrictive with the default security settings in Internet Explorer.

With the release of IE 8, you may have noticed that many of your affiliate links may not be giving you credit for your referrals.

I’ve noticed around the net that many affiliates have a rough time getting conversions on their products.

There’s many reasons that this can happen, & only testing can pinpoint the problem, but if your affiliate network is using third-party cookies to credit your referrals, then you may be losing sales because Internet Explorer is blocking them on your prospect’s computer.

Internet Explorer has been ramping up their safety features in each release, and IE8 will block any third-party cookies by default unless the website has a p3p privacy policy in effect.

In semi-English, this means that the original source of the cookie would have to have a p3p header reference in their web page to a compact privacy policy with another one pointing to an XML file which outlines the actual human readable privacy policy, which you also need.

If the browser determines that it is legit enough, it will allow the cookie to be set. Yeah, I know… that’s a real mouthful just to process an affiliate link.

Most product creators using their own affiliate software that rely on this type of tracking, aren’t up on the importance of a compact privacy policy, along with all the other techno-bs that goes along with it.

Fortunately, Clickbank, which is one of the most popular affiliate networks for digital products uses 1st party cookies, and are not affected. As far as I can tell, your referrals are pretty safe with them on this point.

If you’re using a link cloaker, this is much more significant, and there is a good chance that your affiliate cookies are not getting set because of this. Some link cloakers have been rendered useless, costing you precious commissions from your visitors who use Internet Explorer & Safari especially.

I suppose that you can always hope that every one of your visitors use Firefox.

…Or you can use a better tool that will get around this issue. AmazingCloaker just happens to have the feature built-in that will get around the whole third-party cookie issue.

I created AmazingCloaker because I was tired of getting shafted out of my commissions by link hi-jackers, link bypassers, & people who just plain didn’t like affiliates.

Now with Internet Explorer complicating things, I find that AmazingCloaker is more important than ever for keeping a level playing field for the affiliate.

If you’re an affiliate marketer and you don’t care whether or not you’re receiving everything that you deserve, then I would recommend that you continue on with your routine and enjoy the bliss of your ignorance.

If, on the other hand, you’re tired of working twice as hard and getting half as much, then you can check out AmazingCloaker here:


I’m Going to Miss You My Dear Friend

Beasley-12Yesterday June 25th, 2010 at around 9:50 pm, a wonderful chapter in our lives came to an abrupt close. Baxter (Beasley) Keifer passed away after contracting an illness about 3 weeks ago.

We never did get a definitive answer from the Vet. We personally suspect that he somehow contracted a non-effusive (dry) form of FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). The symptoms all seemed to match except for the fever.

Whatever he had was a mystery, and the antibiotics didn’t seem to help, so I suspect it was viral. All his blood tests came back normal. His chest x-ray showed a shadow consistent with asthma, or a lung infection, or even possibly the early stages of primary lung cancer, but nothing definitive.

Baxter came into my life when he was about 12 weeks old, back in August, 2000. He is a Siamese cat with an amazing personality. Beasley had just turned 10 this June which is equivalent to 50 human years. We have a lot of history together.

Beasley bonded with me right away as a kitten, and right then and there, he was daddy’s kitty. When my wife came onto the scene six years later, he bonded with her as well soon afterwords, which I am told is pretty rare because Siamese Cats usually will only bond to one owner.

In the beginning, Baxter never liked other people besides me very much. He would tolerate visitors for a while, but then… out came the claws. At the time, other people saw him as a mean cat, while to me, he was the sweetest, kindest, most playful cat I ever had.

When Tingting joined us, Beasley strangely tolerated her, but that was about it at first. Within the month, Tingting worked her magic, and Beasley became extremely fond of her. In fact, after that, he became friendly to everyone! Beasley was a changed kitty. If you knew him back then, you would agree that this was truly a miracle. Anyone who would now visit would be greeted by him with affection. Baxter has been loving to everyone ever since.

He was great around Kevin and even seemed to understand that Kevin’s prodding and poking at him were all out of innocence for his age. We would take walks and Baxter would follow us everywhere, just like a loyal friend. It was almost like having a dog in cat form.

One of the last funny moments that I remember just before he got sick was when I was fixing a cracked window on our house. I had the ladder out, and Baxter scaled right up it…. All 15 feet of it. It was hilarious, and it was one of those times that I wish I had my camcorder with me.

That was typical of the joy and light that Beasley brought into our lives everyday.

The past few weeks have been absolutely heart wrenching. It was a constant roller coaster ride of hope during one day, while sliding into discouragement & heartache the next.

I spent most of my free time nursing Beasley, trying to get him to eat. Sometimes he would do okay, while other times he had to be force fed to get nutrition. He became anorexic by the third week, and gradually refused any food at all by his last two days.

The strange thing is that other than no appetite, he seemed relatively comfortable with just an occasional cough. He would still want to go outside to take walks to his favorite places. With each passing day he became gradually weaker, and his strolls became shorter.

On his last day, he was on the back porch, and even jumped off the side (forgetting that he was sick and weak)! He had a look of regret in his eyes after that one, but soon shook it off with what little energy reserves he had left, and took his short stroll over to the neighbors bush which provided him with a nice comfortable shade spot.

By that night, he suddenly began to cough hard, and cried out to us. At this point, it seems that the three of us (my wife, I, and especially Beasley) where suddenly cast into a private hell. Beasley was now suffering as he was choking for air, and trying to move to different areas of the house desperately trying to outrun the inevitable.

It was too late to call the Vet. Baxter finally stumbled into a corner and lay there struggling for life while my wife was with him. In the meantime, I had got a phone call from my sister. Tingting was desperately motioning to me to get back into the hallway, at which time I had to cut the phone call short. As I hung up the phone, Beasley took his last breath in front of my wife.

The whole ordeal probably lasted 20 or 30 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. Tingting helplessly watched him as he took his last breath, which sounded like a pitiful whimper from a child. Now he just lay there with his big blue eyes still open, but now lifeless. In just a blink of an eye, our Beasley had passed from Yang to Yin.

When I confirmed that he was gone, she was absolutely inconsolable. It was my time to be strong for her, trying to comfort her as best as I could. I let her know that she gave Beasley the greatest honor by being there for him as he passed. As we mourn his death in this world, his birth is being celebrated in the next.

About 20 minutes after he passed, I turned on the spotlight in the backyard and we proceeded to bury him. I already had a nice spot picked out, just in case. Although I kept my composure as best I could for Tingting’s sake, my grief couldn’t stay inside for long. I barely slept that night trying to process the whole nightmare that had transpired & by next morning I had lost it too. Reality had settled in like a cold brutal winter.

Today we picked up some flowers for him to plant, and I made a marker for his resting place. It now seems to be a more fitting resting place for such a special soul as Beasley.

As I write this, my heart is aching because never before had I felt such a strong bond with a pet. I’ve had many cats and I’m no stranger to losing them at some point. It’s simply the price that we must pay in exchange for the joy that they give us during their short lifetimes.

Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier though, but this time too shall pass. Right now, thinking of those wonderful memories only amplify the fact that he is no longer physically with us. But in time, those fond memories will once again shine through as priceless experiences which enriched our lives each and every day.

By yesterday, I sensed that his time was short, and we said our goodbyes to him just in case. I thanked him for choosing us to spend his precious life with, and for the joy and companionship that this wonderful intelligent creature gave us. The night before, I had also asked my dad (who passed in 1996) to welcome Beasley as he crosses over, and to take care of him for us. I know he’s in good hands.

Baxter, you brought us joy and companionship unmatched by any other pet. I will miss your loud meow (Maoooow), I will miss your uncanny perception & intelligence, I will miss your purring as you cuddle in my lap, your hyper spells, and most of all, I will miss you, my dear dear friend. You will never be forgotten. We will love you forever.

May God bless you Beasley.

A Look Ahead

XinglaProPicMay has been a pretty busy month for me. I’ve been so absorbed in fact, that I haven’t posted to my blog for entire month of May! Ouch.

I’ve gotten myself wrapped up into a new programming shift for my software products. XinglaPro version 4 of my blog carnival submitter is about to be released in early June and I’m pretty excited about the changes ahead.

If all goes well, AmazingCloaker 6 will be released by the end of June.

One of the major shifts in my software is that I have moved to the Adobe Air platform. This means that all my software products that you purchase will be compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

No longer will Mac & Linux users be excluded, or have to use an emulator to get the benefits of using quality internet business software which would normally only be available to Windows users.

The screen shot to the left is not the finished product, so XinglaPro 4 may look slightly different in its final release.

XinglaPro 4 has many improvements to the GUI to make an already easy to use program, even more streamlined and automated. You’ll no-longer need to tab between windows when building your list, and filtering your list to your keywords is now a one-step snap.

The migration of KeiferSoft apps to the Adobe Air / Flash environment is a natural fit for creating the finest internet based applications and tools that online marketers need to be effective in today’s marketplace.

I’ll release more details on XinglaPro4 when it’s about to be released, which will be very soon. πŸ™‚