Odyssey of James Brausch

internet business success

If you ever thought that being successful in your own internet business was only for the lucky few who probably got a business degree at Yale, think again.  Let's suppose for a moment that you lost everything you value in life, because of a drug problem, or some new found vice, like gambling.  You lost your J.O.B. because of it, then your house, then your wife because she couldn't take it anymore. 

You wake up one day to rain drops landing on your forehead as you stare up at the gray sky with no roof over you.  You wonder how your life ever got so screwed up.

This may seem like a far fetched scenario to you, but it could happen to anyone.  Do you think that most of the homeless planned to end up this way?  Not likely.  Back in the mid & late 80's, I was homeless myself for a few months on a couple different occasions.  I was never as bad off as James Brausch or most other homeless, because I at least had a car during one of those times that I could live in.  It was a small chevette, and my girlfriend plus two cats shared this as our home during October, November & December 1987 in Virginia Beach, VA.  Fortunately, I never had a drug or alcohol problem, nor any other vice that got us there.  Only a lack of direction and money.  I'll elaborate more on this in future posts, but this post is about the experiences of James Brausch as told in a fictionalized journal based on his true life struggle with amphetamine addiction & homelessness.

Now that's what I call rock bottom!  My experience was no picnic, but I'll take it any day over James'.  October 23rd, 1996 was the day that James seemed to hit bottom.  This day also marked the turning point in his life.  Once you hit bottom, there's only one way to go… up.  

James is sharing a very unique, special and fascinating gift with his readers here.  This is a continuing story, with a new post every day.  His latest post is entitled "October 30" as of this writing.  These posts are password protected, so get on his mailing list to get the password.   You will find that the stories that James is sharing will speak to you on many levels.  Here are a couple quick examples.

A spiritual level of a beginning to understand the divinity within all of us and how we are all meant for abundance, freedom & joy if we are just willing enough to make the effort to take the gift.

A level of self-realization that any obstacle can be overcome if you just learn to "obey" your inner voice.  Our reality is about as difficult or easy as we allow it to be.  Once you've been to the bottom & back, you have a new confidence because you know how to be a survivor.  You realize that the freedom & happiness, or otherwise, that you feel or see in others is always relative.

Finally, I'd like to point out another level pertaining to an internet business education.  As of the October 30 post, James is rising out of the depths of misery and addiction, by offering service to others to fight his cravings and using the computers at the free library for the homeless to create information products that has netted him over $3,000 in a week! 

Suppose you put yourself in his position from an internet business standpoint and shadowed everything he did each day from each post in this series?  You would modify the product to your own idea of course, but just suppose you followed exactly the same steps each day that James outlines each day in his "journal"? An interesting thought, eh?.

 I see these series of blog posts by James as by far one of the greatest gifts to the blogsphere I've ever seen.  James, if you ever happen to stumble upon this post, I just want to thank you for the inspiration. Keep 'em coming, I smell a best seller if you ever publish your story. 🙂