New to Affiliate Marketing?

Most people starting out in affiliate marketing pretty much have the same dilemmas. What software should I use for making my web pages? What kind of products should I promote? Do I need content? And the list goes on. Well here's my two cents for what it's worth. If you're already web savvy, Dreamweaver is an excellent product for creating web pages, especially if you are doing large multi-page projects. For strictly smaller websites & pre-sell or sales pages its pretty much over kill and over priced for what you need. When I first started on-line marketing, XSite pro was my weapon of choice. This is a sweet app that is designed specifically with Internet marketers in mind. It has a simple to use built-in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page editor and templates to make creating a web page a snap. There are features for adding ad-sense ads, forms, navigation menus, buttons, and much more. You can optimize your page for the search engines, add meta tags / keywords, etc. Many people swear by this software and use it to generate hundreds of quality search engine friendly sites. Other great software for web page design is the Coffee Cup HTML Editor . This is my personal favorite, and is the software I used to design the AmazingCloaker website. The Coffee Cup HTML editor will allow you to design your website in an easy to use WYSIWYG editor as well, but also gives you the added convenience of having full control over the HTML code. I like to have the ability to easily modify (or clean up) my HTML code and this editor let's me do this very well. A very NICE app is also the BlueVoda website builder. You can build a web site in 30 minutes. It's easy to use and has many templates. You can layout your website exactly the way you want in the WYSIWYG editor. You can add multimedia, javascripts, plugins, the works. The only hitch is that it will only interface to a bluevoda web server. You could get around this of course by simply previewing your finished page and copy/paste the source code into wordpad and save as html. nyuk nyuk nyuk… Products that you promote should ideally be something related to what you like, but if you want to make any real money you need to diversify into many different products. Keep your web pages specific to your products of course. I use dreamhost, because you can host unlimited domains under one account! This means that everytime you come up with a new webpage/domain, you don't have to pay for another web host account to go with it. Just add it to your existing account. All you pay is the 9 or 10 bucks for the domain registration! In my opinion, this is the only way to go! Products that have recurring payment are great affiliate products to promote. Dating sites, membership sites of any kind, products that you would enroll monthly like hair loss products, anti-aging, etc are all excellent, because you get the option of residual income rather than the one time deal. Content. Yes, you need to do a little work and write content. It's really not that hard. If you've ever written an email to a friend, then you can write a review about a product. If you don't know anything about the product you are promoting, then "Google" it and find some articles and re-write the review into your own words. It's not cheating, and you'll be in business before you know it. Well, hopefully this little tidbit of info will get you pointed into the right direction if you're new to the game and feel lost and overwhelmed by all the horse-crap in the forums, junk "how to affiliate market" products designed to tease you but really steer you away from what the big boys are "really" doing, etc. Remember, 99% of any successful journey is taking that first step. You just got to resolve yourself to do it. Don't know what to write? Just start typing without trying to write a masterpiece, and you'll be surprised at what starts coming out!