New Product Alert from the GrumpyOldChef!

So, what does a chef know about saving energy? You'd be surprised!  I met "Grumpy" on a forum about a year ago and was quite impressed with his imaginative writing style and his firm desire to NOT put pen to paper unless it is going to actually benefit you somehow.

As a relative newcomer to the internet business scene, this guy has come a long way and taken the first critical steps to success; 

Creating a Product! 

This isn't his first project, by the way.  Grumpy has an ebook website that he launched roughly a year ago.  I had the privilege to be one of the first to preview his Pasta Master Class ebook. Right away I was able to impress my wife with some authentic Italian cooking the way a real chef would do it!  For $9.97 it's a steal!  I'm constantly prodding him to raise his price, but he's a stubborn cuss from down under, and so far he's not budging.

OK, back on subject now.   Aside from being an awesome chef, he's got some great ideas on how to save money!  I've always thought of myself as being pretty good when it came to saving energy.  I turn off the light when I leave a room (ok, my wife trained me, hehe), turn down the thermostat a notch in the winter, etc.  My utility bills have always been pretty reasonable because of my habits.

Naturally I thought OK, this is probably a great read (Grumpy is a natural born writer) so honestly, I started reading the book thinking that I would get more entertainment value from it than anything I could actually apply.  After all, I already knew how to save energy, it's not exactly rocket science, right?

Well it seems that Grumpy showed me just how wrong I was!  This book was packed with ideas on easy techniques to save money that I never thought of before.  Just a few changes in my habits while doing the laundry, cooking, etc has really made a difference!  Plus, the book pointed out all kinds of energy "holes" that I was overlooking in my home. 

My electric bill has averaged $20 less per month since I first began applying these principles last spring (2007).  I suspect that my gas bill will be lower this winter as well.  Time will tell.  My summer bill has been around $12.00 per month (Last summer I was averaging $28.00!)  When you do the math, you can see that this really begins to add up!

I don't think Grumpy has missed a trick!  He covers the home from top to bottom.  Attic, duct work, furnace, bathroom, bedroom and more.  Applying Gumpy's techniques will free up more cash for things like reinvesting into your business each month. 

The Energy Savings Benefits ebook gives you a return on your investment that literally lasts a lifetime!  Like any ebook, if you want the benefits, you have to apply what you read of course. 

If you think that keeping more of your green in "hip national bank" is better than donating to the utility companies, then you really should check this out!

Here is the link to his sales page for more details:

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