My Harvest America – Product Paradise or Another multi level marketing Wasteland?

Guest Post by Neil Ashworth

My Harvest America; So what is it then? Let’s take a detailed look inside Harvest America to see if it has legs as a Work at Home affiliate program or does it seem like just one other lame duck? Here is the most definitive overview of My Harvest America that  you’ll ever have to read (bold declaration I do know however go with me on this).

Here goes;
The long-time entrepreneur and well acknowledged Fred Wieh has teamed up with web advertising guru Ronnie Ellis to bring to us My Harvest America. Fred Weih’s reputation is stable enough that Cornell University has truly looked closely at his enterprise fashions for progressive concepts, and Ronnie Ellis is a pioneer of no little repute. Let’s simply see what they’ve given you, shall we?

Developed in 2009, My Harvest America is an internet operated grocery supply depot that gives non-perishable items at a reduced price. How can they provide this low cost? In one phrase: Bulk.  They’ve teamed up with some of the biggest canines within the grocery trade to buy in bulk and pass over the financial savings down the line to the typical consumer.

Reductions have been around for a while and the need for meals will probably be around for oh, let’s just say eternally! Slap the 2 together and you could just have a successful combination. One of the good things right here is the World population isn’t going to start out shrinking anytime soon;  in other words, you will have a customer pool that has an evergreen need. That’s definitely the correct sort of opportunity for a Home Based Business affiliate program of any sort.  If you need to discover more about starting a business take a look at this Xyngular MLM Review

There is nevertheless, a downside to the whole concept. To this point it’s a toss-up as to whether or not it will probably be worth it for the savvy shopper with a fist full of coupons. There’s many ways to save cash should you look long enough, and in this financial system individuals are searching harder. Another subject is shipping. Meals can be pretty bulky so the delivery prices are more increased than I would like to see. My Harvest America as of yet has no good offers on transport however that will change as they get some time behind them.

Now let us take a look at the actual business opportunity. To activate your representative status you want to first maintain the $29. 95 membership fee. It is a price that everybody pays whether or not they’re a distributor or a shopper. Second, you could buy your $69. 95 product package. The whole is more than I wish to see however, in case you have spent any time researching MLM opportunities, you already know you can be paying rather more in regards to a start up cost.

As soon as you’ve taken care of all the enrollment details, you change into the proud owner of your personal My Harvest America Web site to customize as you see fit. The downside to that is you don’t have a management office This isn’t such a big deal if you’re accustomed to Search Engine Optimization, squeeze pages, lead capture pages, mailing lists and the rest. Personally, I would instead throw out the additional dollar.

The commission matrix is a good 3 wide and eight deep with the chance to get deeper. The construction has been around for some time and works well. To begin reaping the benefits of the system it’s essential to do one of two things. You’ll find at the very least one customer you personally introduce otherwise you recruit your first member or, “Retail Subscriber”.

From private gross sales and matrix payments, we transfer on to a different stream of income, the bonuses. My Harvest America has just a few different sources for income. One particularly that struck my fancy is the “Shopper-Matching Bonus”. There’s a payment hook up of $29.95, however as soon as paid, it is best to understand some respectable income. You pull in 50% of the sale from your entire Subscribed Shoppers and an additional 20% from Super Buyers that you just sponsor to the fifth level.

My Harvest America mlm affiliate program seems like an effectively rounded mlm affiliate program or enterprise alternative and has two sturdy names at the helm. The area of interest they have entered additionally has good potentialities; sadly, since the company is a new child in the Home Business affiliate program arena, and seems like a well rounded multilevel marketing business program there isn’t any recorded data as to how they are doing. You might want to wait a little to see if they take off first before you start as a community advertising affiliate for this specific Home Based Business business program.

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