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ClickNewz Internet Marketing BlogI've been following ClickNewz for a few months now an I have to say that I really enjoy her posts.  It seems that Lynn Terry is constantly on the prowl for new and useful information, and she has no problem delivering the goods either.

Whether it's affiliiate marketing, seminars, traffic tips, or recommendations on the newest thing, you'll find it there.  Her down to earth and informative writing style makes for an interesting read, even on subjects that I may not have much interest in.  That's a talent that either comes naturally, or takes a long time to develop.  I would venture to guess that in her case it comes naturally.

Coincidentally, we use the same PressCut WordPress theme.  I just happen to like the theme and apparently she does too.  This site and ClickNewz are in no way related to each other, although I have been influenced by some of her layout ideas.

Lynn Terry has been around in the internet marketing arena for a while and has a definite presence on the web.  She also has her own marketing forum and the members are quite friendly.  I have to admit that I've only been a "lurker" at the selfstarters… forum, but I'll come out from under my rock soon.

I would have to say what impresses me most is her ability to come up with so much useful information on every aspect of internet business.  It's obvious that she puts a lot of time into her research.

Whether you're a serious marketer, just thinking about getting started, or somewhere in between, I would highly recommend adding Lynn Terry to your list of 'must read' websites.  My blogroll is very short because there are very few that I will recommend, but for what its worth, Lynn Terry will top that short list.

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