Looking for a Few Beta Testers

Xingla Pro is now in beta and I am looking for 10 people to beta test my new product. Xingla Pro is a Blog Carnival submitter designed to take the tedium out of submitting to blog carnivals. If you would like to test out this killer app, just reply to this post. There are only 10 slots open. I will accept the first 10 comments.

By becoming a beta tester of Xingla Pro, I would like a testimonial if you like the software. If you don’t like the software, some constructive criticism would be an acceptable alternative. By giving your testimonial, you’ll agree to let me use it in my promotions of Xingla Pro. If you are serious about your internet business and wish to participate and give me feedback, then let me know before the slots are closed.

BTW – Those who hold up their end of the bargain will receive the full version upon release for free!

Xingla Pro will sell for $100 and will debut with a 24 hour special for $35. Subscribe to my blog announcement list if you don’t want to miss the special!

11 thoughts on “Looking for a Few Beta Testers”

  1. You can add me to the list of testers. Will provide an unbiased feedback om my experience using this software.

  2. Jack,

    Been looking forward to this being released and would love to beta test it for you. Feel free to contact me via email or through the contact link on my site.


    ~Kenton Newby

  3. Jack,
    I am ready to wear the corners off your product. If it can be broken or worn out I am the man to give it a stress test.

    Testimonial and feedback guaranteed.


  4. Hi Jack!

    I would like to be considered for a beta-testing slot. You can count on me for full honest feedback.


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