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keifer coolnessBrendan Brewster has posted his top ten Internet Business blog list.  I made the list based on the top Google rankings for the term "Internet Business Blog" (without the quotes).  

I find this quite interesting, because jackkeifer.com is almost a year old (probably keeping me out of the Google sandbox), but my blog was only just recently relocated here.  I currently reside on page four.  I have been using James Brausch's Rasof to help in my webpage optimization for the search engines.  After just a couple of weeks, it seems that I've already propelled into the top few pages of Google for this term.  Hmmmmm, that's gotta say something for Rasof!  Currently, the term "internet business" itself is still in the stratosphere for me, but the night is very young, in organic search engine terms.

Brendan Brewster has an interesting blog and I've been following it for the past few weeks and like what I see.  It has a nice layout and interesting articles.  Just like me, Brendan has also recently moved his blog.  Brendan is one of the few who really take action on their desires and has been quite active on his blog and product promotions.  At the moment, Brendan's business is related to affiliate marketing, but his blog covers much more than that.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him release his own product at some point soon.  I think that Brendan has the 2% mindset required to make the sky the limit.  

Of all those who participated in my "testimonial" special for the AmazingCloaker last year, Brendan was the only one who held up his end and actually followed through.  That just goes to support that 98% will never do anything, while the 2% will be the true successes in 2008.

Keep up the great work Brendan! 

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