I need to clean up my act and stop F’ing around


It’s easy to dream that dream of the internet lifestyle isn’t it?

Picturing yourself walking the beaches of Hawaii on a gorgeous sunlit afternoon.

Or driving your new Porsche convertible down to your old workplace just to rub it into your ex-boss’s smug face…

Ah yes!… the list could go on for days and days.

But then reality sets in as you’re rudely snapped back into reality by a flick on the ear from your boss who tells you to stop dreaming & get back to work.

I remember back in my school daze, many times just as I was about to save the world from an asteroid strike, or escape from a Russian gulag to get those secret plans back to CIA headquarters, a teacher would rudely burst my dream bubble with a resounding “Keifer! Wake up and pay attention!” Hmmmpf! The nerve… really!

As an entrepreneur, my single greatest challenge even to this day is keeping that focus and self-discipline on building my business.

Here’s the dilemma that I see with most online marketers.

People want to start an internet business that will involve no work, but yield a huge payout, with the first million arriving by… oh let’s say next week. That’s pretty reasonable….NOT.

Okay, how about this? Work just a few hours a week and make $10,000 a month. $10k a month seems to be the standard buzz quote by the so-called gurus.

So is this one realistic? Well, yes & no. You can make a handsome income while working a small number of hours a week (or hardly at all if you do it right), but hardly likely in the beginning.

It takes a lot of work to get your business to that level. Oh, there’s that word again. You know, the “W” word.

The turning point in my business came on the day that I decided to treat my online business like a business.

Really, until you stop thinking of this as a hobby, or that “side thing for extra money”, you’ll likely never get to where you would like to be.

You see, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone and just work that J.O.B. everyday while at the same time wishing that you had the lifestyle of the online entrepreneur.

It’s easy to ‘dabble’ in the magical arts of IM while keeping on the cuffs for the man.

When you’re ready to really build that online business, and really commit yourself to a focused plan of action – then you have to be willing to remove those cuffs and dive straight into the rabbit hole.

That’s right, once you take that dive there’s no looking back. It’s into the vortex of a new reality, a new future.

C’mon down! It’s an amazing journey you’ll never forget. 🙂