Finding The Magic Pill For Unlimited Income Online

Online Riches blue pillOne thing that makes the marketing of information so popular on the internet is the quest for the “magic pill” mindset. 98% of those who are looking for information, especially in the areas of self-improvement, internet business, marketing, weight loss, etc., tend to make their purchases based on the hope that somehow this info will magically take care of everything for them. If any new skill sets can be absorbed by osmosis, all the better.

In the movie “The Matrix”, Morpheus offers Neo either the blue pill or the red pill. If he takes the blue pill, everything will remain the same. He will continue on with his relatively comfortable life as he knows it, but never achieve his true destiny. If he takes the red pill, however, then the illusion of reality will be lifted and he will learn the secrets of the Matrix. It will not be a comfortable, easy transformation. All the brainwashing and comfortable false security will be gone. See any parallels?

In my own personal observations, I’ve noticed that people generally want the best of both pills. They want the comfort of the blue pill, remaining stagnant and unchanged. At the same time, they want the results of taking the red pill.

This is one reason why prescription drugs are such a huge market. For example, many people with high blood pressure would rather pop a pill every day for the rest of their lives, rather than make a lifestyle change and cure the root cause of the problem. This would require effort. A deviation from the comfortable pattern that we have molded for ourselves into.

This is the very thing that you have to consider for your online business! Even after taking the red pill, Neo had to take action and work to fulfill his destiny as “the one”. Once he understood the matrix, he could have simply lived out his life in obscurity in his new found world and died an unknown.

When you purchase that needed tool for your current business, or that course on how to build an internet business online, remember, if its good information, you may be getting the red pill, or at least some diluted form of it. Now its up to you to act on your new knowledge, and fulfill your destiny.

The secret to success is that there is no magic pill that will do it all for you. There is no system that will allow you to input nothing and get millions back out. The real secret, the real magic pill is action. Get a mentor. Learn all you can about being successful and then apply it.

If you’re an info junkie, then you may already have a goldmine of information just collecting pixel dust in your hard drive. Dust off those e-books, go back through them, but this time ACT on what you read. Getting a successful internet business off the ground takes work. It takes dedication. Don’t let anyone B.S. you into thinking that it doesn’t.

With that said, its really not that hard once you take action and start making those baby steps towards your new future. You must start by having a “take action” mindset as your biggest priority. Now build your business, stick with it even through the failures, and freedom will be yours.

8 thoughts on “Finding The Magic Pill For Unlimited Income Online”

  1. “collecting pixel dust in your hard drive.”

    Jack that’s a good one, gave me a laugh. It’s true, most people want to enjoy the benefits without the work.

    I just had a thought… I’m going to go shake the pixel dust off some of the products in my hard drive, and see what’s hiding in there.

  2. “Get a mentor”. Where, pray does one find one of hem?

    At the supermarket.

    Jack, after well over two years yourself and one other are the only people I have any contact with on the net.

    Mentors. Wouldn’t life be easier if they existed. LOL

    Congrats again.

    Have you forgotten I’m alive, or are you just bored with losers. LOL

  3. Keith! One of my favorite bloggers. 🙂 I’m thinking of selling pixel dust on ebay for $40 a megabyte. 😛

    Hey Clive, check your email (4-31-08) at… here I thought I was the ignored one, LOL.


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