Design Your Own Web Site

Creating your first website can seem like a pretty daunting task if you've never done it before. Sure, you can outsource the job to a web designer, but then you are giving up the freedom of having complete control over tweaking and changing things as you see fit. You are completly at the mercy of someone else's time table. Ok, you might be thinking, "yeah right, I can't even spell HTML, let alone learn it!" You may also have seen various [tag]web editors[/tag] out there that seem intimidating and are usually expensive too. Did you know that there are some great open source stuff out there? For example, Nvu (pronounced 'N-View') is a fantastic open source web editor that is FREE. I love that word. There are so many things out there available as open source, that you could literally build your [tag]internet business[/tag] using free tools. You can even create your graphics and logo with an open source (free) program called "Gimp". There's tons of documentation for this software and it has quite the following. I have to admit that I use [tag]Photoshop[/tag] myself for creating my logos and other graphics, but if I would have been more up on open source in the past, I probably could have saved some serious cash. Back to Nvu, if you can use a basic word processor or MS Word, you can build a web page. Nvu is very intuitive and easy to use. I also like the fact that even when working in WYSIWYG (Visual) mode, the generated code is very clean. Most [tag]WYSIWYG[/tag] editors are relatively easy to work with but generate messy and over bloated source code. I originally coded the AmazingCloaker website using CoffeeCup Visual HTML Editor. I thought it was a pretty decent product for 49 bucks, but the HTML code that is generated isn't nearly as clean as Nvu in my opinion. Sure purists will tell you to just do the whole site in HTML and forget about visually designing the site. There's a heck of a lot of advantages to knowing HTML, but saving time is my big thing, and I can knock off a basic webpage in less than 15 minutes with a visual editor. If I want to fine tune, or customize a table, I usually jump into the code editor and hand code it. You'd be surprised how easy it is to learn HTML. Anyway, I completely re-designed the [tag]AmazingCloaker[/tag] website using Nvu! I'm currently working on a new product which is a video course on how to design a web page from the ground up. This is geared for the [tag]internet marketing[/tag] beginner or intermediate level who wants to design a decent page, optimize it for the search engines and get pointers on writing good sales copy. I'll also round off the course by showing you how to set up a blog for your website using wordpress. Everything I will be using in the course will be open source software, so if you've ever wanted to get serious about internet marketing, but building that web page was too intimidating or expensive, then keep checking back. I'll be announcing on this blog when it will be available. The website where you can check out the course will be designed in my tutorial, so you will actually see the end result as the website itself! How cool is that?!