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dead internet business blogsJames Brausch made an interesting observation about an apparently dead blog at Although the actual reasons aren’t really clear in Sabrina’s case, James suspects self-sabotage. Thus the subject I would like to touch upon. I’ve seen this myself on a few occasions where one is beginning to really get a successful foundation laid out when all of a sudden, things start going wrong. The spiral continues downward until finally, the business owner makes the command decision to discontinue the business and go back to a J.O.B. or start something else. With a little objective analysis, you’ll see that in many cases that those things that were going wrong were actually self-created. Sometimes the self-saboteur has no clue why the business is taking a nosedive. They trash themselves totally unconscious that the root cause is from within themselves.

What is the source? Negative beliefs. You can recite all the positive affirmations in the world to convince yourself that you will be successful and that your subconscious will be magically reprogrammed through these affirmations. Unfortunately, if your core beliefs say that you aren’t worthy or good enough for success then you will continue the cycle of self-sabotage until you can erase these limiting beliefs which shape your subconscious. Remember, you ARE your beliefs.

One way that you can help turn these negative beliefs around would be to set a high goal for yourself, and then break it down into small bite size pieces. Each time that you succeed in each baby step, you are slowly proving to your subconscious mind that success is something that you can make into a reality. Your confidence will grow with each baby step. Soon you will erase the old self-defeating belief and realize that you are capable of true success. Your belief will change and your subconscious mind will reprogram itself for success. Now you can begin to build a real business.

If you find that you continually crash your projects and never follow through on really building a lasting business, consider this. Your goals are probably not focused. They may not be focused because you really don’t believe that you will accomplish them anyway. Take this simple technique and map out tiny stepping stones for each day, building one upon the other to complete the big picture. Then simply do them every day. You’ll be surprised how many days of small forward progresses will propel you far beyond your expectations. As a result, you will see yourself in a completely new light. Suddenly, when you look in the mirror, you will see one of those successful people that you thought you could never be, starring you right back in the face. Trust me, you’ll love the feeling!

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  2. Sabrina certainly seems to have reduced the frequency of her posts. The last one is dated 23 Feb. I left a comment on her latest post to see what has happened.

    In any case, I like the way you think Jack. I am working on a site over at that addresses goal setting and helps people be more successful.

    I invite you and your readers to go on over and take a look. Let me know what you think. Once my links page is up I would like to put in a link to you at if you don’t mind. Your writings in that category are inspiring.


  3. I love the part about baby steps! I believe that every large goal needs to be broken down this way, otherwise you can become overwhelmed, discouraged and give up half way there! The problem is, many “success gurus” tell you to focus ONLY on the end goal. When you work your butt off for several months and still are a long way from that goal, you can give up never seeing how far you have come.

    Thanks for the post!

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