Da Skinny on Brausch

Exactly as he promised, James Brausch delivered his testing newsletter right away after posting my interest in receiving a complimentary copy of his Testing newsletter. My first reaction? Yikes! This is some serious stuff. James has picked apart so many variations of his sales page that its easy to see why his pages are super converters! I think most people who average 1 to 5% are typical. James is in the 18+ percentile! I say again… YIKES!

James covers every detail of his variable versions. For example. Testing 3 blank lines at the top of the “paper” versus no lines. Variations on color size and even length of the headlines. Testing content against nothingness. The information contained within the newsletter gave me some great ideas to test out on my own web site.

I think that the people who would benefit most are MuVar customers. The newsletter is a perfect compliment to getting the most out of MuVar. Non MuVar users would certainly benefit as well, because you can simply apply what works in the newsletter to your own site. The hitch is that different products attract different visitors and what works for one site may not be so great for others.

One thing that really hit home with me though was the features that I noticed about MuVar. Before I discovered James, I rashly invested in another multivariate software. This set me back over 500 bucks. It’s great software and serves me well. However, it seems that MuVar allows you to use many versions of each testing variable! Mine is limited to 2 to 6 depending on how many variables you choose. Thus I have to choose my variables carefully and figure out which variables that I want more than 3 versions of. Also, it appears that MuVar calculates visitor value for your web site! That is awesome! Not to mention keeping a running total of sale value & conversion ratio. My boss (wife) would shoot me if I switched (totaling $800… Rats!).

Do you remember the movie Wayne’s World? Remember in the music store when Wayne would kneel down on one knee in front of the Fender Strat that was locked inside the custom display case? Picture a MuVar CD in its place with a touch of angelic music as an aura glows around it. – “Someday MuVar will be mine… oh yes!”

I have to say that the testing newsletter was definitely worth the read. These are heavy duty stats, but they are presented in a way that makes for a nice read, plus they make sense. It’s not just a paper full of numbers & graphs, this is real usable stuff. Information that you can use today. If you’re a serious internet business person looking for the maximum return on your websites, this is some incredible information that is being shared. For only 25 bucks for a newsletter that is packed to the max with nothing but solid meat & potatoes without the fat, this is simply a no brainer to subscribe to.

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