Creating Your Own Products

If you're an affiliate marketer, or even a newby to the whole marketing thing, I would suggest that you seriously consider creating your own product. With your own product you can keep 100% of your profits as opposed to a percentage from affiliate sales. With a decent sales letter and a form to collect email addresses, you can start to build a long term business that will give you solid results. You just need the motivation and the willingness to visualize, create a plan and take action. Creating a product really isn't that tough. Believe me, you KNOW something about something that someone else out there is itching to learn and willing to pay for it. Information products are in very high demand and can give real value to your customer. Think about it, let's say you are good at golfing, and you have a certain swing that gives you fantastic accuracy when driving the ball. Don't you think there aren't literally thousands of golfers out there that would love to know your secret? This one technique of yours could take their game to an entirely different level! What do you think that is worth to golf lovers struggling with their game? Think you don't have what it takes to create a product? You do. It's that simple, end of story. Before I created the AmazingCloaker, I was clueless as what my product was going to be. I took a study course by James Brausch called the "Info Product Creation" Course. He steps you through the entire process of creating a product starting with "Brainstorming" and market research. These are both very simple techniques believe it or not, that didn't take much time at all, but made all the difference in the world. This is exactly how the AmazingCloaker was born! The AmazingCloaker allows you to safely secure your affiliate links, but also gives you the power to generate extra profits using the cloaking techniques in my free report available on my main page. As I create more products, I will likely make this (or another) blog my central point for promoting all my products. James Brausch is creating a video product in his course, and he lets you "sit in" via 5 hours plus, of videos during the whole process from start to finish! Creating a video product is what I would also remcommend even if you're a programmer like me. The advantage of video products are that they have a higher perceived value and can be created much quicker than if you were writing an eBook or a software application. Support is also not so much of an issue. One thing that keeps affiliate marketers from stepping up to their own products is because they don't have to deal with support issues. eBooks & Audios / Videos will minimize support issues. Pricing is also very important. Don't price your product too low! You want to attract quality buyers. Selling something too cheap will devalue your information and people won't take you seriously. Not only this, but you will tend to attract the lowly bottom feeders that will waste your time with all types of petty issues. You don't need that. You are not a non-profit orginization! We are in business to become a member of the 2%'ers. We want to free ourselves from the bonds of the "wage slave" lifestyle! Am I right? So don't sell yourself short because of a lack of confidence. You want to start attracting quality people and positive influences into your life. Another thing to consider is releasing your product on DVD. You might be thinking, "Are you crazy Jack?! That would cost a fortune!" Up until I read about what James Brausch is doing with DVD products, I thought the same thing. It turns out that you can have your product produced on a CD / DVD through a third party company who will produce & package the CD complete with graphics, shrink wrap it and even handle the order page and mailing! It all comes out to around 2 bucks per disk and a few bucks for shipping if you have them ship it to your customers. They will even ship and properly barcode your products to Amazon if you are participating in the Amazon Avantage program! You simply download the software provided by Kunaki and design your CD/DVD with the builder using built-in templates, or your own graphics. Upload the info with your media and you're good to go! It's actually cheaper to produce your product this way! I am seriously considering offering the AmazingCloaker as a CD based product and getting into the Amazon Advantage program. If you haven't considered selling your products via Amazon, you should seriously consider it. Amazon gets 55% of the sale. Now before you click off this site thinking I've lost my mind for splitting 55% with them, think about this. If you were affiliating out your info product, you would have to do a 50 – 65% split with your affiliates to get a respectable amount of affiliates to push your product. This is no different, except that you have Amazon "affiliating" with you. This is like getting a Super Affiliate representing your product with thousands of targeted visitors every day! Ok, now you know what to do, so what are you waiting for? Stop what you're doing right now, get the Info Product Creation Course and start creating!!!!