Christmas Surprises

Christmas is a season of surprises.  Even if you're a bah-humbug scrooge sorta person, you're bound to run into surprises at some point during the Christmas season.  Not that I'm one of the hum-buggers.  I just received an email from James Brausch as a result of signing up for a Christmas gift on his blog.  On Christmas day, I received a link to two of his high-end products.  One free month of Rasof and the Ranking Factors 2007 course!  What a great surprise!  $2000 worth of software & services!  Thank you James for such a generous and useful gift!  If you haven't yet signed up and are following his weblog, you're missing out.  Be sure to add James to your list of must-read blogs.  Also I wanted to note that I have now officially moved my Internet Business blog!  Previously, I

had my blog set up on the backend of my URL cloaking site –  This did initially help to promote my product, but I knew that sooner or later, I would need to centralize my blog to better serve my readers while providing a larger selection of my products as they become available.  

In the most resent Google page rank update, I lost all of my page rank at  Page rank, technically isn't really all that important.  Ranking in the Search Engines is.  However, this seemed like a good time to switch.  If you clicked on the link, you will have noticed that you were 301 re-directed to here.  I've had for several months now and it's time I put it to good use.  Although I may be temporarily set back in the search engine rankings as a result, it will pay off in the end.

I know, the blog has a sort of James Braush look & feel to it.  A lack of originality?  Not really.  James has a proven path to success.  Part of that path includes the way people perceive webpage layout, colors, etc.  Another part is how it is structured for the search engines.  I am trying to emulate the same successful variables much in the same way an up & coming baseball player would emulate the top players in the league. 

Back in the day, I used to play darts as a hobby.  I met a local dart player who was ranked #4 in the world for professional darts!  Richie & I soon became good friends & he became a mentor in the sport of pro darts.  Within 6 months I was competing in a Pro tournament and placed 5th my first time out.  This was enough to qualify me as a Pro and I received my official pro status for other types of tournaments. 

My point to all this rambling is that to be successful, you need to emulate the ones who have already made it.  If you can afford a mentor right now, then all the better.  Get one now.  James Braush happens to have a mentoring program available.  He has a proven path.  Check it out

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