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The Worlds Coolest Blogging Software

Every so often, I stumble across something that stands out above the noise and makes me go "wow, that's cool!". It's an application called "BlogDesk" created by Johannes Oppermann. BlogDesk lets you write and publish new blog updates right from your desktop. It's compatible with all the major blogging platforms, including [...]


A Few Of My Favorite WordPress Plugins

You can find them here: aLinks - Edit 05-26-2009 - aLinks seems to be no longer supported by its developer, however you can get an updated (modified) version of aLinks here: A WordPress plugin that automatically links keywords in your blog post. By Sean Hickey. AWeber Plugin - Aweber [...]


Instantly Beef Up Your Affiliate Conversions

When I first got into the online marketing scene back in late 2005, I immediately came out of the gate with my first product.   To me, it seemed logical that having your own product line is ultimately the best way to build a business online... at least for me. There's [...]