Being Proactive is Hard

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Did you know that nearly everyone that jumps into the “make money online” arena spend tons of cash on how to do this, and how to do that?  Perhaps they’ll shoot out of the gate running and register a web domain & get hosting.  They might even go so far as to put up a web page with a few affiliate links (but not likely).

It’s sad, but true.  I would estimate that a good 98% out there never take any action whatsoever on the information that they purchase.  You might be thinking “well maybe that’s true, but I’m an exception.  One of these days I’m going to get moving and get myself online and making some serious bank, just as soon as I find the right system.”

Hmmm, I hope that everyone reading this blog succeeds.  That’s the point of being here, right?  The keys to success is based on two major factors.  Learning to market online, of course, but it must be followed through with taking decisive action.

This means stepping outside of the comfort zone.  This is unexplored territory, which is a scary place to be if you are to venture out into changing your future.

This is why 98% never actually follow through.  It’s more comfortable to keep ‘working on building a business’.  As long as you are ‘working on it’, you are not failing.  The down side of always ‘working on it’ is that you’re not getting anywhere either.  Before you know it, another year is shot and it’s time to make that new year’s resolution that THIS time, you are going to really do something.

If you fall in this category, do yourself a favor.  Don’t make a resolution this year.  Instead, stop what your doing right now and get that domain that you’ve been thinking about all this time.  Really!  I’m serious!  Go get it right now… I’ll just wait here until you return…

Got it?  Great….  What?  No we’re not finished yet!  Now let’s monetize it.  No matter what you heard, you need to DO something to make money.  Yes, everybody who is making anything off of the internet is selling something.

It could be affiliate marketing, or maybe you like to write and you created an ebook, report, or audio/video CD.  Ok, now let’s find a decent sales page with a similar product from another site and study it.  What is it that makes you want to buy their product?  Nothing?  Find another sales page.  Ok, now what is it?

Write out that sales page by hand to train your mind how to write decent copy and to be persuasive to your visitors.  This is a great way to improve your copywriting skills.

If you are into affiliate marketing instead, go out to some good affiliate review sites and do the same thing.  By the way, you can learn the ropes of affiliate marketing here.

Now download a copy of Kompozer and create your sales page.  Sign up for a Clickbank account and put your product into the affiliate system.  The cost to register your product is $49.  If you’re broke right now, get a PayDotCom account instead… Your first product is free to sell through them.

Paste your payment link into your sales page and viola! you’re in business!  See?  That wasn’t so hard.  Now you can drive traffic to your site.  That will be the subject of my next post.

Staying in a reactive cycle of broke and searching for opportunities is much easier than being proactive, getting out of your comfort zone, and going for it.

Remember what I’ve said before; being broke is a direct result of inaction.  Inaction to build your business.  Inaction to spend your money wisely, etc… etc.

Act on getting your online business started and you will quickly see that actually DOING is a lot easier than you think!

17 thoughts on “Being Proactive is Hard”

  1. Very sound advice. It is almost an epidemic, these people that say they will but never do. These are the same people that you see in the webmaster forums complaining how hard or impossible it is to make any money online.

    Its not impossible, its not even hard, you just have to pick something you like and stick with it! When it looks like your idea isn’t going to work, work harder to make it work. I still work 12+ hours a day to run my business, I work more now then I ever did with a normal job, but I love what I do, I work that much because I want to, and if I want to leave town for two weeks on a whim, I pack up the family and we leave, its that simple.

    Everyone can do this, you just have to be patient, willing to work hard and diligent in your efforts and you will succeed!

    Jessicas last blog post – A Mothers Depression – The Struggle from Inside

  2. Never a truer word said. There are a lot of affiliates out there making serious money off the back of products that most people never use – they simply keep on buying looking for ‘the killer product’ i.e. the one that will make them money in return for little or no effort! The only way to get on is to try it, get slapped, learn what you did wrong and then go at it again.

  3. Hello Jack,

    You sure know how to confuse a person. LOL

    Take advantage of all the different types of web 2.0 sites. Propeller, StumbleUpon, twitter. Link everything in a circular fashion back to your blog post (or affiliate landing page if appropriate).

    I’m signed up for about 40 of these kiddy sites. (I was made to for some rubbish program I bought for $500 and dumped as soon as I realised I’d made a fool of myself and signed up for a bunch of useless Social Sites.)

    I have no idea what they are supposed to do and have no reason to ever visit them. I don’t sell acne cures or adolescent love advice. Let ’em suffer, like we did. LOL

    Paydotcom won’t list your product until you’ve sold one from your website – that’s why none of my e-Books show up in Paydotcom searches after 18 months.
    (Energy = 9000 uniques – no sales)

    Clickbank I won’t pay $50 because I can’t see anyone selling $50 worth of one book.

  4. Jessica — Thanks for the great reply. It’s much easier to work longer hours when you love what you do. Of course, once you get the combination that works and you’re showing a profit, then you can outsource the tedious stuff and scale up.

    Now you have the time to be more creative and it’s just a matter of seeing how much return you get back on outsourcing your ideas.

    James –so true! Buying information and looking for that killer product can be an addiction for some people. This is why some people never get out of that mode and start making any real money.

    To hold their addiction to learning, studying, and digging for that golden goose gives many people the perfect excuse not to take action and to ultimately succeed.

    Don’t get me wrong, learning is very important, but it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t take action on what you’re learning at the same time.

    Clive! I think you’ve unconsciously pointed out the root cause of your own problem.

    It sounds like to me that acne cream & adolescent love advice is exactly the type of products that you should be selling to these “kiddies” on the social sites, LOL.

    Sorry if I sounded cryptic about linking in a circular fashion. What I was alluding to was that many times you cannot direct link or blatantly market affiliate links on some Web 2.0 pages.

    So by having a main blog set up somewhere like, and then pointing your links to there, you are less likely to get your page shutdown while still driving decent traffic and leads to your products.

    Using a three-way linking strategy here will beef up link juice as well, which works out great in the long term to boot.

    The idea for this whole web 2.0 to blog thing, aside from the extra traffic, is to get great rankings on Google for those long-tail money keywords.

    It still holds true… Google LOVES blogs.

    I hope that makes a little more sense Clive. Regarding the e-books, W. O W.! 9000 unique’s and no sales, HMMMMM — shudda used those Web 2.0 websites for targeted long tail keywords, LOL!

    — Jack

  5. Thanks, Jack,

    All explained about linking in a circular fashion.

    I don’t actually bother linking to affiliate products any more as, apart from one tongue-in-cheek love advice article I wrote about two years ago, I’ve not sold an affiliate item in four and a half years.

    Hundreds of “serious articles” have received thousands of readers but zero clicks or sales. I really don’t think articles produce anything at all.

    10,000+ branded e-Books full of Clickbank links are as much use as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest! No sales from them, either. LOL

    Maybe my initial assumption was correct – success at internet marketing is 99.9% luck.
    If I didn’t have BAD luck I wouldn’t have any.

    Oh well, it fills in time and if I didn’t lose the money online I’d only waste it on eating and other other frivolous pass-times.

    I now have to try to get my blogs indexed by Google. Three months and when I type in it still shows “no results”.
    I guess it will happen one day.

    My best, as usual, to The Other Kevin and his lovely Mum,


    Clive Praeds last blog post – Michael Rasmussen’s “Mini Site Profits Exposed” Video Series: How To Create A Mini Site That Runs On Autopilot And Makes You Money While You Sleep!

  6. PS – Old age kicked in there.

    I meant to say…

    I may have ‘joined’ all these social sites, but I’ve never visited any of them and definitely don’t have any ‘pages’ or any posts on any of them.

    I wouldn’t know where to start. Maybe I’ll wait until dementia has well and truly set in and I’ll be able to communicate on their level. LOL

    As you know, I have nothing to say that would interest anyone.

    All my blog posts are just copy and paste. Reviews of products I’ll never be able to use, mainly. Not smart enough.


    Clive Praeds last blog post – Michael Rasmussen’s “Mini Site Profits Exposed” Video Series: How To Create A Mini Site That Runs On Autopilot And Makes You Money While You Sleep!

  7. Hello again Clive,

    I think your writing is great & I wish you would write much more. You have a style which makes one want to keep reading. I’m really glad that you still hang around here even when you’re discouraged.

    Well, that explains it then with the web 2.0 sites. Sometimes, especially in marketing, you have to create your good luck. Don’t just wait for some to come along. 😛

    For the heck of it (since you have lots of time to kill anyway, lol), sign up to some CPA networks like AdValiant (media trust) or Neverblue, Copeac, etc. and try some of the pay per lead stuff.

    You might surprise yourself.

    As for your blog, are you updating it regularly? In order for Google to love your blog, you need to love it first. 🙂

    Also, try submitting your blog here:

    Hope this helps…


  8. Branding yourself is only the first step, then you must maintain the reputation that you want to have. Remember that whatever you do people will always be watching so when branding yourself make sure to always act as if everyone is watching. One tip my mentor told me was if you want to be the best at whatever it is that you do, you must do more than anyone else. I believe this concept applies to branding. 🙂

  9. Hello again Jack.

    Thanks for the link – I’ve put both my blogs there. See if anything happens.

    Nice comments about my writing. LOL Thanks.

    I update my blogs on and almost daily basis.

    Can’t say I love them, though. No comments on them in over 2 months and I have no idea how the Adsense plugin is supposed to work. No surprise there – eh?
    Not really bothered as ms most times the adsense ads don’t show on the web pages even though the code is in the source page.

    $9.47 from Adsense in 4 yearts is my grand total.

    Plug on the same old way seems to be the order of the day.

    Pro-active? Does it have a meaning or is it just a trendy term.

    Active = moving; inactive = not moving.
    PRO = for. I guess pro-active means you are against being inactive.

    Or could it mean “may be active in the future”: “has been active in the past” or “actively considering the possibility of being active” or even “actively considering the possibility of thinking of taking some action at a later date, or then again, not”.

    I love these “new” American words that mean nothing at all. What a pity I speak English.

    As Winston Churchill said “The English and the Americans are two like peoples separated only by lack of a common language”.

    Clive Praeds last blog post – How Do I Speed Up My Computer?

  10. Nice post. I agree, being proactive is hard especially if you have some success, and sit back and watch things roll in when you could be more successful if you just went that extra mile. I know its happened to me before and i hope i can get back on track.

  11. Very good point, Roger.

    When things start to roll, it’s easy to think that you can relax, when in reality its time to scale up & run with it. When you get something to show a profit, then you have a proven market or system worth running with.


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