Beijing Day 1-4

The May Day holiday (international labor day) is over today (May 4th).  Tomorrow we are going to check out the Bird’s Nest, Watercube & other olympic sites.

On the first page of the gallery, you’ll see pics from the first day.  We had to register with the local police office, because we were staying with relatives (Tingting’s parents).  Failure to register when foreigners are staying with you will result in a 500 Yuan fine (about $75 USD). 😛

You can see Kevin (my son) with Tingting’s Mother.  I snapped these pics while waiting for the paperwork to complete with the local bureau.

We then had lunch at a traditional Beijing Hot Pot restaurant.  If you’re ever in Beijing, dining out for Hot Pot is a must do.  Mutton is sliced razor thin and you put it in the boiling water in the center of the table.  It will cook within a minute.  There is a special sauce that you then dip the mutton into for the full effect.  The special sauce is what differentiates the Hot Pot restaurants.  The recipies are a closely guarded secret by the restaurants.  They are recipies that are kept within the families of the restaurant owners.

These first few days we’ve been pretty much getting over jet lag & just hanging around Beijing, shopping & eating out alot.

Page 2 of the gallery shows the Birds Nest, watercube, & Olympic torch building.  We were just driving past, on our way shopping on that day.  Other Pics on page 2 are from around Tingting’s neighborhood.  Her parents live in the Haidian district of Beijing.  This building group houses many high level officials in China. Page 4 shows a few more of these, plus a family get together at another restaurant in Beijing’s Gu Lou Street.  The people in the pics are myself, Tingting, her aunts, and uncle.

Tingting & I had lunch yesterday after some shopping & our treatment was 5-star all the way by western standards.  This is the restaurant that is featured on page 3 of the gallery. Amazing food and service that I’ve yet to see matched in the states.

Even when using the restroom, there was an attendant who dispensed the soap & handed the towel for me.  What made the whole dining experience so fascinating was that when all was said & done, our bill was only 68 Yuan.  That comes out to around $18 USD!  Only in Beijing. 😛

5 thoughts on “Beijing Day 1-4”

  1. Jack, great pictures!! I’m enjoying the vicarious trip to China thanks to your pictures. It was interesting to note that many of the signs were both in English and Chinese. One day I would like to visit China. Perhaps I can enlist you and Tingting as guides. 🙂 I look forward to more pictures as you continue your journey. Hello to Tingting!

  2. Hi Lowell,

    Cmon’ down 🙂 We’ll be happy to show you the sights. 🙂

    Nice observation on the signs. It certainly makes it easier to get around, especially when your mandarin is as rough as mine, LOL.

    I’ll keep the pics coming. We are getting ready to leave for the Birds Nest / Watercube soon.

    The journey continues!…


  3. Riyadh is the furthest east I have been but I have always been a little curious about Beijin. Now the Hot Pot sounds delicious

    Maybe one day

  4. Well of course you know where I have been Jack. It always seems to be about the food with Americans. Well it is important.

    That reminds me. How’s your teeth these days Jack?

    I am in the process of fixing mine. Boy did they go to ruin. Revenge for making fun of yours I suppose. Now I eat slow like you used to. I still weigh a ton tho’ (or 285 lb anyway)

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