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jack keifer's internet business blogJack is back. I was surprised last Wednesday with a bit of news that put me out of sight for the past 5 days. We have been waiting to close on the new house that we are purchasing and on Wednesday we received a surprise phone call from the finance company. They wanted to know if we could close “tomorrow”. Boingggg! “Tomorrow” being Thursday, March 20th. Major surprise. This home was something that my wife & I were working very hard to acquire because it fits all the requirements of the perfect dream home for us.

As a result, we successfully closed on Thursday and immediately began the moving process over the Easter weekend. We worked all weekend “bugging out” for the relocation. It was quite an exhausting experience as a result of such short notice. Because of this, we did much of it ourselves, but we were also lucky enough to have great friends and neighbors who donated their time to help in the cause. A special thanks to Jimmy G. & Rick for all your help! 🙂 We couldn’t have done it this weekend without you guys.

Naturally, this delayed the Xingla project (Blog Carnival Submitter). Starting tomorrow, everything will be back on track. I noticed in my absence that Mohamed at featured me as one of his featured blogs in his blog carnival. Thanks Mohamed! I very much appreciate it. Also, I hope that I didn’t make you (my readers) feel deserted for no posts in the past 5 days. If so, I apologize for that. I appreciate everyone of you who follow my blog and subscribe to my notification list.

Well, I’m off to dreamland now, it’s been a longgggg weekend and a longggg Monday! Good night all!

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