Action Is The Key To The Universe

The Key to The UniverseToday I’m trying something completely different from the way that I normally would write a blog post. Anyone who’s ever done any amount of writing will testify to the fact that they’ve been hit with writers block at one time or another. Well… now it’s my turn. Even with all the highly effective strategies that I use to combat “the big block”, I’m stuck. T’aint gettin’ through this time.

So… what to do? The natural move that a writer’s block victim will make is usually one of two things. Start surfing the net for other articles hoping to get inspired for ideas to expand upon, or… just stare at a blank page waiting for a finished article to magically appear on the screen with your name on it.

I decided to do the opposite. I’m always preaching about taking action on building information products, starting your online business, building that blog, etc. I know first hand the value of action. Just do it, and expand upon the business or product as you go. After all, no product or service is perfect right from the start. It’s user feedback that gets the next versions released with bigger and better features.

I decided to use this same philosophy of action for writing this post. No idea how to finish, or what to write about… Just start typing and take the action to create! Create what? Something, just create! Even if you don’t have a clearly defined goal for your internet business yet, the very action of doing something to create your business will help you define that vision. Before you know it, you’ll have a brand new product or internet venture launched and generating a real income for you.

Suppose you create a new product which only ends up generating fifty or a hundred bucks a month? Is that a loser? No way! Granted, some products that you create will sell much better than others, but never consider your product a loser! Suppose you created 10 of those “losers”? Now we’re talking $500 to a $1000 a month on the low converters. Suppose you cranked out another 10? or 20 “losers”? Making sense?

Suppose that you never took the action to begin with because you thought that no one would buy it. Suppose you didn’t take action because you couldn’t fully picture how you would complete the product or market it before you even started? This is where 99% of everyone who even consider creating a product end up. Look at the sweet income streams that would have been left on the table had you not taken the simple act of just starting. Remember, create the product once, get paid forever.

Having a completely blank mind from writers block, the easy way out for me tonight would have been to continue to stare at my blank screen until I dozed off into a hypnotic trance. Instead, by forcing myself to take action, I have a fully completed post!

This was an action as simple as hitting the keys on my keyboard just to see where it would take me. Now go do the same thing with your new product. Start it right now & worry about how to finish it when you get finished.

Action really is the key to the universe! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Action Is The Key To The Universe”

  1. Hello jack,

    Good post.

    Now, what if you have created TWO products and you have sold ONE of the first at $3.80 and ZERO of the second, in 18 months?

    Does that make the product a loser?

    I’ve finished 3, 4, and 5 but they sit on my hard disk and there they will stay.

    Even a domain name for them is money I can’t hope to recoup.

    As ever……

  2. Hi Clive,
    There would be a couple of possibilities here. Either the product covers something that there is absolutely no market for (ie-an ebook on how to wax barstools), or more likely, it’s not being promoted properly to the target audience. Products themselves generally aren’t losers, but the techniques (or lack of) used to get them in front of the right buyers can be.

    As for products 3,4, and 5 – you have made them automatic losers by default because you won’t give them a shot by allowing them off your hard drive and sharing them with the world. 😛

  3. I couldn’t agree more Jack. I am a niche blogger. If I can create a niche blog that makes me $1.00 a day I view that as a success. That is $30 a month. If you keep building on this, you start to make a decent amount of money.

  4. I have had the same problem with writers block before. its a tough one, but you just have to get active and it will come to you. i personally like to take a drive and play the music loud which gets me going.

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