A Parallel Reality?

Back in my TV days I used to enjoy a show called “Sliders”. The main character Quinn developed a device that would open a portal between parallel Earths. Quinn, Professor Arturo (his teacher) and a couple others took a trip through one of these portals to a parallel existence. Unfortunately, they couldn’t seem to figure out how to get back to their original reality. There were millions of parallel existences. Probably (and theoretically) because every time you make a decision, you create another quantum path into what is perceived as time. BTW – “Layer” is actually more accurate than “path” since all past & future are really the present. Do I really have you confused now?

The reason that I’m bringing all this up is because I’d like you to do a mental exercise which I believe can help you pull your desired future into reality. If you’re already in the reality that you desire, then this can help you stay here.

Let’s say that you’re currently stuck in a 9 to 5 J.O.B. , you have an overbearing boss with an ego the size of Texas who makes you feel worthless even though all you do all day is work your tail off for half of what you should be paid. It’s theoretically possible that there could be countless parallel realities that you are existing in at this very moment based on all the possible decisions that you have made throughout each day. This is a multidimensional concept so don’t boggle your 3-D mind too much over it.

Ok, so you’re stuck in this J.O.B. that you hate and somewhere along side your present life is a you that is enjoying the success of a thriving internet business. This is the “you” that decided to take action last year when you were first contemplating the idea. This is the “you” that stopped wasting time surfing the forums, watching TV and checking email every 10 minutes. This version of you went down a different path. Where did this path come from? It was formed out of a simple decision. A decision to take action and break out of the cycle that you have come to dislike so much.

Now take a moment and look back to the time that you first started contemplating starting your own internet business. Now start moving forward to around the time that you can remember not taking the action that you would have. Maybe you sat down to create an internet business blog and got distracted by a phone call, email, or meteor strike. Now picture yourself not going off course at that point in time. This time, in your mind’s eye, you cut your call short so that you could get back to work. In fact, you unplugged the phone afterwards. Now think about the result that came out of that. Think about what your parallel self did the next day. Step yourself through each day seeing one build upon another. Picture the results from the previous days as you progress forward to the present. Chances are that your are “remembering” your parallel past. Take notes. Now that you’ve retraced your steps, go ahead and follow them again in this reality. It worked before, why not again? Your mind is a profoundly powerful thing. Remember, because of this wonderful gift that’s a part of all of us, entire futures can be carved out with a single thought to create it, followed by action to make it reality.

One thought on “A Parallel Reality?”

  1. Hi Jack,

    I love your posts! I especially like this one, where you’ve used Sliders to try and shake people into action (BTW – Sliders was a great show, I loved it).

    I agree with your post, you really need to set your mind straight and work towards your goals.

    For months, I was thinking to myself “wouldn’t it be nice…” but in all honesty eventhough I was working towards it, I didn’t really believe it.

    However about two weeks ago I started to believe in my goals, I started to realize the urgency that is required in order for me to get to where I want to be. My beliefs were embodied in me — my heart and mind are now working as one to achieve them.

    As a result, eventhough I’ve turned off the TV and don’t watch it — I no longer want to watch it. I’d rather build my business to the point that I can leave my career (I’m a Director of Customer Support and Operations) and start a new one.

    It’s great to make goals, however if you don’t believe in those goals fully and truly then they will be difficult to achieve.

    BTW – Congratulations on the release of AmazingCloaker 4.0!



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