7 Signs That You’re About To Get Stuffed!

One thing that I have in common with a vast majority of those who have entered the internet business arena is coming across a super hyped up sales letter with great sales copy leaving you convinced that this system or product is the long lost missing link to instant success.  I think we've all fallen for it at one time or another.  The massive pre-launch campaigns stirring up waves of excitement across the "internet marketing" universe.  Counting down the days to the initial release so that you can be first to get in on the new revolutionary technique guaranteed to take the internet by storm!

Fortunately, those days are long behind me.  Yeah, I'll admit it, I was suckered more than once in my earlier days (2005-ish).  Before you become internet business savvy, you are hungry for information on how to get started.  It's also a common myth that you can slap up a website, stick an affiliate link inside and you'll be an instant millionaire within a week.  Fortunately I wasn't that naive, but the lack of knowledge & experience is exactly what these hucksters play on. 

Here are seven warning signs that I learned to identify as I became clean & sober from my days as a marketing junkie. 

1.  "The Little Known Insider's Secret the Internet Marketing Gurus WON'T Teach You"

Here's the little known insider's secret that the marketing gurus WON'T teach you:  The secret is that THERE IS NO LITTLE KNOWN SECRET!  Anybody that will define their goals, take action, follow a proven path on their goals will succeed.  Failures chase opportunities.  Don't be an opportunity chaser, stay focused on your goals.

2.  A kazillion bonus items

Why are they trying so hard to impress you?  Maybe to make up for shortcomings in their product, hoping to reduce refund rates? Hmmmmm

3.   "Own the full resell rights for this ebook!"

In my personal experience, I have found PLR products to be primarily re-hashed material that you can find for free anywhere on the internet.

4.  Multiple pics of the farrarri, mansions & and of course, the yacht!  

The old "dazzle the sucker with images of what they will attain after buying into the secret" routine.  This is a pretty typical but effective copywriting technique.

5.   Clickbank screen shots of thousands of dollars in generated sales

I have to wonder how many of these screen shots are photoshoped.  Not convincing "proof" in my book.

6.   Get rich with no website, no experience and no effort

If you're serious about internet business, you need a website, experience, and it does take effort.  As far as experience goes, the more effort you put into your business, the more experience you will gain.  And effort begins with taking action.

7.   Cash in on the micro-niches!

Huh?  Do you really believe you'll become a millionaire selling designer flea collars for hamsters?  Did the "big names" in marketing succeed because they worked micro-niches, or is it because they played in large markets like e-business.

Bonus Round

8.   The better deal after you pay technique

As a buyer, it would really irritate me when I was sold on a product, did the deed and paid my $47 bucks and then I'm hit with the two part "thank you" page, stating that I have a one time shot at getting the "Premium" version with ALL the extra info for an additional 50 bucks.  UGGGGH!  Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know that you have just been duped into the watered down version? If you want the "real" full product, you need to shell out more cash now or the opportunity is gone forever!  This is a pretty low trick in my book.  You're better off cutting your losses right then & there! 

Well, there you have it.  I could probably go on for days!  This should be a useful guide to help you to avoid getting stuffed in the future.  If it looks like a golden opportunity that will soon disappear forever, just remember this:  The keyword is "opportunity" and as I said in example number 1, failures are opportunity chasers.  Don't be one of them.