5 Ways To Milk Your Articles To The Max

Milk Your articles for all they're worthWhen most marketers write articles, the typical scenerio is to submit them to their favorite article directories.  Many article marketers also invest in article submission software to help speed up to process and to get their articles out to hundreds & even thousands of article & ezine directories.

After that, they’re finished.  On to the next one… But why stop there?  Why not milk that article for all it’s worth?

You might be thinking, “well what the heck else can I do with it?  I’ve already submitted it to a zillion article sites, c’mon Jack!”

Well, don’t just stop at the article directories, here are 5 quick tips to super charge the pulling power of your articles.

1. Stick your article on your blog and convert it to a podcast using Feed2Podcast.com.  Now submit the podcast to itunes and other podcast directories.  Don’t have a blog?  Not to worry.  You can use ReadTheWords.com to create a podcast from your article instead.  ReadTheWords.com will even covert .pdf files and other documents.

2. Now format your article into a press release and submit it to PRWeb for premium exposure.  If you prefer the free route, try some of these links:


3. Modify your article into a step by step tutorial format.  Now you can submit your tutorial to eHow.com and Tutorialized.com.  If this is a really good article, you could also use it as a bonus incentive to include when marketing your own product, or an affiliate product.

4. Now that you got a snappy tutorial created, why not convert it into a PowerPoint presentation?  Remember to add your link to the first & last slides so that people can click through to your site. You can now submit it to ScreenCast.net & SlideShare.com to name a couple.  Give this an extra kick by breaking it up into a couple parts & link part 2 back to your website.  This is sure to get them clicking through.

5. Finally, convert your tutorial into a .pdf file & upload it to sites like scribd.com, or yudu.  Sites like these get tons of exposure & the .pdf files tend to rank pretty decently in the search engines as well.  I recommend using OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice Writer has a button right in the toolbar to convert to .pdf.  OpenOffice is a free office suite and just as good, if not better than Microsoft Office.

As you can see, by using your imagination, you can stretch out a simple article into a whole host of things that can drive traffic and revenue to your online business.  You can even turn a well written article/tutorial into an info product, especially if you took your PowerPoint & used Camtasia studio to step through your PowerPoint while elaborating on each point in your slide.  Voila, instant info product!

All this from one article.  Just imagine if you made this a regular practice when writing articles.  You will discover that a little extra effort goes a long way.

12 thoughts on “5 Ways To Milk Your Articles To The Max”

  1. Great article tip! Another idea to create backlinks, traffic or make advertisement is convert your article into video. You want also drive traffic and create sales conversion to your website? I do article & video marketing for small local business to promote their products or services. I highly appreciate your article post. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Alongside Scaling Article Marketing For Affiliates by Ezinearticles this has to be one of the best write ups I have read in a while. I thinnk you need to get the Digg plugin installed on your site – I’ll give it a vote.

  3. @Video Marketing – Spot on with the video marketing. This is what I was alluding to in the next to last paragraph with using Camtasia.

    Thanks for clarifying this point. 🙂

    @James – Thanks very much for the praise James! I appreciate that. 🙂

    Great suggestion about the plugin. You’ve inspired me to go out and get one. It’s now installed. Thanks again! 😀


  4. Great suggestions, Jack. I hope bloggers incorporate this into their overall article promotional strategy. I think it also helps raise the level of writing. The greater the outreach, the more it becomes imperative to perfect the craft of writing, of observing grammar and usage, of punctuation, of style, fluidity and consistency. That’s it bloggers are looking to really stand out among the myriad of denizens in the blogging community. Thanks.

  5. That podcast sumitting is really new for me. I have been basically focusing on just getting decent content out there with links pointing to my site. Nice tips, I will get to implementing them asap.

  6. I’m personally not to fond of using article marketing, but I guess you can also send it to bloggers and see if they are interested in publishing it. Most of them will probably not since it will be duplicated content, but I’m sure someone will.

  7. @Stefan – Nice idea Stefan. I would agree that not all bloggers would be hung up on the duplicate content thing. The frequent new posts will likely still help those who need content & traffic from their lists.


  8. Great tips. I honestly hadn’t thought much beyond the article promotion. Another tip is actually sending links to the articles. I would pick the highest ranking directory. That way you can have multiple items on the first page that ultimately drive traffic to you.

  9. That is an engrossing article.i really appreciate the effort you have put in this article and am also very much interested in your tips. i think it really work. Thanks a lot for this article!

  10. I like some of these ideas, especially the pdf files and press release, I hadn’t thought of those before. I guess if you spin your articles that’s even more products you can build and submit.

  11. Great tips Jack! I love writing articles, and in fact have written 700 for myself, and thousands for my clients. I do repurpose my own articles, but haven’t tried all of the strategies you mention. For those who put a great deal of work in to writing articles, stretch your efforts out as far as possible! Thanks for sharing

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