48 Hour Special

24-hour-special-flagIf you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that when I launch a product, I always run a 24 hour special for my blog readers.

After this is over, the special will not be repeated, so don’t bother waiting around for another one. These normally only happen around the initial launch of my products.

This is my way of showing my appreciation to you for being on my announcements list or as a reader here on my blog.

I’ve decided to increase the length of this special to 48 hours instead of 24 since most of us are still recovering from the holidays.

This special is for the Red Hot Mini-Sites with WordPress Course. You will be given full lifetime access to the Mini-Site course.

If you haven’t gotten your online presence started yet, what are you waiting for? This course will show you how to quickly get a professional looking website up & running in no time flat.

There’s no need to shell out all that cash for that expensive website developing software that you need a college degree plus 5 years of trial & error just to figure out.

You can harness the power of WordPress, a FREE CMS (Content Management System). This blog is built on WordPress. Most people think of WordPress just for use as a blog. I’ll show you how to use it to create fantastic websites!

You can find out more information for this course in the menu on the right, but DON’T buy it from that link during this special! If you want the discount come back here and click on this link instead.

Red Hot Mini-Sites with WordPress is going to be available for the next 48 hours for an insane price of only $15.

This special will end on Sunday evening at 7:00pm EST (GMT -5). If you show up on Sunday at 7:01pm EST it will be too late.

You can grab your VIP access here: