8 Tips To Improve Your Business Blog

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A Corporate or Business Blog is like the backbone for your brand’s virtual activities. It keeps you grounded, helps you connect with your clients who become your reader and helps you to reach out to possible, prospective clients.

So, this isn’t a task you can neglect. It’s something that’s important and hence, here are 8 tips to improve your business blogs.

1. Make a Business Plan For Your Blog

Why not! When we have business models and plans for marketing, PR, External
relations; then why not have one for your blog?

So, sit down and make a plan for your blog.

2. Set Goals For Your Business Blog

Like your company has goals for business, you must have a goal for your blog.

Is the purpose of your blog customer care? Is it to pass on messages? Is to provide live updates? Having a Goal is important.

3. Set Up A Team

Once you have your plans in place, it’s important to have a team in place. Either you can recruit specifically for the same (yes, it’s worth the investment) or you could pick up a group of employees and ask them to manage the blog.

4. Regular Analysis

Now that the team is all set, you should meet them regularly and see that the work is rolling. What is the progress? What are the site stats? Is the traffic right and what are people saying? It’s important to keep a tap on happening around your blog and ensure that you’re working in the right direction.

5. Constant Evaluation And Improvement

The analysis should be followed with evaluation that is in depth and structured. Every evaluation should be about improving the content and trying to provide better content to your readers. Even corporate blogs have regular readers who are following your work and progress. It’s important to keep that in mind and work towards giving the best.

6. Integrate Your Blog With Your Social Profiles

This simply means stay connected with your entire virtual presence. Connect your blog to your social networking profiles and vice ? versa. This way it helps people reach you and helps them to find the information they are seeking easily. Moreover, it makes you a more ‘reliable’ entity.

7. Prepare In Advance

Now if your blog is going to be about updates, it’s evident that all the information won’t be present in advance. But it’s always good to have buffer posts. Keep your blog team in the loop. You should have specific days or times to publish your blogs so that your audience has a regular intake of content.

8. Editorial Guidelines

Have editorial guidelines. This is very very important. What content you post and how you post it is very important and creates a lasting impression. It also affects your relationship with the reader and hence, setting your guidelines is a vital element.

Author Bio: Divya is a website content writer and SEO analyst in an website marketing firm. She has a flair for social media marketing and loves working with e-commerce and virtual businesses.

Welcome to the Blogosphere Mit

Waaay back when I was in high school, math wasn’t one of my best subjects.  In fact, it wasn’t until after High School before many math concepts actually started to ‘click’ for me.

In my High School days, we didn’t have the vast resources of the internet to tap into.  The closest thing we had to Google was the Oracle of Delphi, which involved a long voyage over the ocean and a lot of buttering up to the pantheons to get a good ranking with the oracle.

Since then, Pythia has relocated to the U.S. and adopted the pen name ‘Google’ which has a fairly decent online presence.

Anyway, my sister to the rescue.  My sister Misty is a Math teacher (and a very good one I might add!).  She has decided to share her knowledge beyond the borders of the classroom, and help those struggling with math by offering great math tips, not only for struggling High School students, but for anyone.

I think her writing style is great, and Misty is the type of math teacher that I wish I could have had back in the day.  I probably wouldn’t have struggled nearly so much. 😛

I strongly recommend checking out her blog, even if you don’t need help improving your math grades, you’ll find this a fun site to check out.

Congrats Misty, for having the guts to get an online presence and helping those in need!  You’re off to a great start!  You can check out Misty’s blog at http://mathhelpforyou.wordpress.com/