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Just Suppose

Suppose that you could manipulate your reality by simply changing your mindset.  Suppose that your reality is created in the mind first before it manifests itself into the physical realm. Suppose that the entire universe is one connected whole.  A singularity of a super conscious mind giving the illusion of [...]


Copywriting The Right Way Vs The Scary Way

I was perusing Terry Dean's online business blog today and happened across a hilarious post called "Do You Have HyperCopyitis? "  It's not only funny, but it really drives home a point that is so prevalent in copywriting all over the net. In a very witty way, Terry points out [...]


Check This Out

Kenton Newby has some great suggestions on automating your blog submissions in 4 easy steps.  He covers the value of submitting your blog posts to blog carnivals and has done a review of Xingla Pro as well. Thanks Kenton, I really appreciate the feedback! :) I regularly visit Kenton's blog because [...]