Looking for a Few Beta Testers

Xingla Pro is now in beta and I am looking for 10 people to beta test my new product. Xingla Pro is a Blog Carnival submitter designed to take the tedium out of submitting to blog carnivals. If you would like to test out this killer app, just reply to this post. There are only 10 slots open. I will accept the first 10 comments.

By becoming a beta tester of Xingla Pro, I would like a testimonial if you like the software. If you don’t like the software, some constructive criticism would be an acceptable alternative. By giving your testimonial, you’ll agree to let me use it in my promotions of Xingla Pro. If you are serious about your internet business and wish to participate and give me feedback, then let me know before the slots are closed.

BTW – Those who hold up their end of the bargain will receive the full version upon release for free!

Xingla Pro will sell for $100 and will debut with a 24 hour special for $35. Subscribe to my blog announcement list if you don’t want to miss the special!

Dead Blog Syndrome

dead internet business blogsJames Brausch made an interesting observation about an apparently dead blog at sabrinajefferson.org. Although the actual reasons aren’t really clear in Sabrina’s case, James suspects self-sabotage. Thus the subject I would like to touch upon. I’ve seen this myself on a few occasions where one is beginning to really get a successful foundation laid out when all of a sudden, things start going wrong. The spiral continues downward until finally, the business owner makes the command decision to discontinue the business and go back to a J.O.B. or start something else. With a little objective analysis, you’ll see that in many cases that those things that were going wrong were actually self-created. Sometimes the self-saboteur has no clue why the business is taking a nosedive. They trash themselves totally unconscious that the root cause is from within themselves.

What is the source? Negative beliefs. You can recite all the positive affirmations in the world to convince yourself that you will be successful and that your subconscious will be magically reprogrammed through these affirmations. Unfortunately, if your core beliefs say that you aren’t worthy or good enough for success then you will continue the cycle of self-sabotage until you can erase these limiting beliefs which shape your subconscious. Remember, you ARE your beliefs.

One way that you can help turn these negative beliefs around would be to set a high goal for yourself, and then break it down into small bite size pieces. Each time that you succeed in each baby step, you are slowly proving to your subconscious mind that success is something that you can make into a reality. Your confidence will grow with each baby step. Soon you will erase the old self-defeating belief and realize that you are capable of true success. Your belief will change and your subconscious mind will reprogram itself for success. Now you can begin to build a real business.

If you find that you continually crash your projects and never follow through on really building a lasting business, consider this. Your goals are probably not focused. They may not be focused because you really don’t believe that you will accomplish them anyway. Take this simple technique and map out tiny stepping stones for each day, building one upon the other to complete the big picture. Then simply do them every day. You’ll be surprised how many days of small forward progresses will propel you far beyond your expectations. As a result, you will see yourself in a completely new light. Suddenly, when you look in the mirror, you will see one of those successful people that you thought you could never be, starring you right back in the face. Trust me, you’ll love the feeling!

Back to the Cybersphere

jack keifer's internet business blogJack is back. I was surprised last Wednesday with a bit of news that put me out of sight for the past 5 days. We have been waiting to close on the new house that we are purchasing and on Wednesday we received a surprise phone call from the finance company. They wanted to know if we could close “tomorrow”. Boingggg! “Tomorrow” being Thursday, March 20th. Major surprise. This home was something that my wife & I were working very hard to acquire because it fits all the requirements of the perfect dream home for us.

As a result, we successfully closed on Thursday and immediately began the moving process over the Easter weekend. We worked all weekend “bugging out” for the relocation. It was quite an exhausting experience as a result of such short notice. Because of this, we did much of it ourselves, but we were also lucky enough to have great friends and neighbors who donated their time to help in the cause. A special thanks to Jimmy G. & Rick for all your help! πŸ™‚ We couldn’t have done it this weekend without you guys.

Naturally, this delayed the Xingla project (Blog Carnival Submitter). Starting tomorrow, everything will be back on track. I noticed in my absence that Mohamed at oibo.org featured me as one of his featured blogs in his blog carnival. Thanks Mohamed! I very much appreciate it. Also, I hope that I didn’t make you (my readers) feel deserted for no posts in the past 5 days. If so, I apologize for that. I appreciate everyone of you who follow my blog and subscribe to my notification list.

Well, I’m off to dreamland now, it’s been a longgggg weekend and a longggg Monday! Good night all!

Internet Marketing 101

Are you new to Internet Business? Have you maxed out your credit cards on Internet Marketing “how to” ebooks, videos, etc.? And then just to be let down because, even though the basic ideas may be sound, there are some essential steps left out, so you just weren’t able to make it work.

There’s one thing that you don’t normally see in info products when you want to learn how to get in the game. That one “biggie”, or the missing link are the mistakes that can be made along the way. Every successful internet entrepreneur has quite the trail of mistakes left behind them on their road to success. What is a key ingredient in the success formula? Mistakes! Failures and mistakes are major building blocks to getting good at what you do. So why doesn’t anyone cover these most important aspects? Actually there is someone who does… Richard Lee! Of course.

Richard has a new website – www.internetmarketing101.com where as a beginner, you can learn all the essential knowledge of internet business to become successful. When he first launched the site (last week, I think), there were only 75 slots available. I’m not sure if there are still available slots at this time, but his free reports are worth the visit by themselves. Richard covers the mistakes that were made on his way to success in internet marketing. A definite valuable read for anyone wanting to take the plunge into freedom!

While you are there, I would also recommend studying his web copy. Very well done in my opinion. If you want to get on the right path to starting an internet business, look no further. You can check it out here:


Xingla Pro Update

This weekend I tested my newest product Xingla Pro. Xingla is a blog carnival submitter which takes the tediousness completely out of the task of submitting to blog carnivals. My first test involved using the “auto submit” feature where I submitted one of my blog posts to 26 different carnivals related to business blogs. The auto submit process took around 2 minutes. I have a 5 second delay programmed between each submission. This allows for the process to complete between each submitted carnival. I then checked my email and immediately saw 26 receipts of carnival submissions. The test was flawless!

The manual submit feature lets you cycle through the list one at a time so that you can fine tune your submissions by selecting extra categories that accompany some carnivals. In auto-submit mode, the extra categories are not used.

I finished up the weekend with getting the “add new” and “open list” features in place. It’s pretty much ready to roll, so you will be seeing a 48 hour special very soon. My next step will be to make the video tutorial and help file.

I’m really excited about this new tool and I can tell already that Xingla Pro is going to be a new personal favorite of mine. πŸ™‚

The Thing About Blog Carnivals

Do you know a great way to gain links to your blog? If you said “blog carnival”, you answered correctly. Blog carnivals are a fantastic way to build up your backlinks which increase your rankings in the SERPS as well. I learned about blog carnivals from James Brauschs blog. I purchased one of his procedures covering blog carnivals. This is an essential procedure to add to your business & I would recommend it highly.

There’s only one hitch about doing the blog carnival thing. It’s TIME CONSUMING!. This is one of those tasks that can be outsourced or if you do it yourself, be prepared to spend at least an hour. If you want to hit all the relevant carnivals related to your latest blog posting, you need to scroll through the drop down list and find a carnival that is relevant to your content. Then you hit submit and repeat the process. What takes so long is having to scroll through that list again to find the next relevant blog. See why outsourcing this procedure is so tempting?

I’ve come up with another alternative. I just finished a nifty little tool that will submit your blog post to all the relevant blog carnivals automatically! You can create your own categories and add your desired blog carnivals to them. Any time after that, you can simply load the desired category list and click auto submit. Boom, it’s done! 1-3 hours worth of work in a matter of seconds! I also added a manual submit as well so that you can manually scroll through your list to tweak any special categories along the way. Even in manual mode, you are only talking a couple minutes as opposed to hours.

My new tool is called Xingla (pronounced “shing-la”) Pro. This is going to be a real kick-butt backlink machine! I will be using it for a few days to make sure that there are no serious bugs and then let you in on my 24 hour special. If you’re not already signed up to receive blog announcements, now is a good time to sign up so that you don’t miss out.


Trash Your Internet Business in 7 Easy Steps

Trashing a perfectly good internet business is not always an easy thing to do. It takes effort. This is something that comes easy to only 98% of the population. For the other 2% it can be quite the challenge. Do you think you’re up to being a 98%er? Perhaps you could make it into the top 98%. The black belt 98%ers can even trash their business before it gets started. Sure you could simply wear a button that says “I’m a 98%er!” and make people think that you’re in this group, OR… you can take action today and become a true honest to goodness 98%er. Here are a few tips to help you get there.

1. Educate, educate, educate!
The first step to master on the road to the top 98% is to find every hyped up product that you can find which shows you how to make $10,000 a month without a website, and no work. If you happen to start feeling the urge to take action on any useful information that you happen to stumble upon, close the ebook immediately, store it in a safe place, and buy something else. Rinse & repeat.

2. Maximize Your Time
In order to feel a real sense of accomplishment, you need to find something to make you busy. If you feel yourself being sucked into the 2% group by doing something crazy like creating a blog, building a webpage or a new product, simply navigate to the nearest forum and find salvation in the latest debate on Google’s newest update.

3. Prioritize The TV
No serious non business could ever survive without the TV. TV is an absolute must if you want to stay plugged into the land of the lost and comfortable.

4. Be Your Own Boss
For those who have somehow stumbled into self employment, you need to be a hero. Don’t let self employment slip into becoming a real business. After all, a business runs itself. You can’t allow that to happen in order to be self-employed. Be sure to do everything yourself so that you remain in a self imposed J.O.B. rather than creating a real business.

5. Do What The Other Hucksters Do
So you parted with your cash for an ebook just to discover that you bought a pile of rehashed B.S. that you can find in any forum for free. Heck they got your money, why not do the same? Change a few words and stick it back out on the net. You’ll build a real “reputation” for yourself.

6. Avoid the Procedures
Having procedures in place would only create a real business. The best thing to do is to grab your business by the seat of the pants and wing it. After all, you’re doing everything yourself anyway. Who the heck needs procedures?

7. Don’t Let ’em Push You Around
Customers can be a real pain. They always want stuff. They not only want your products, but they occasionally have questions or need help. Can you believe the nerve of some of these people? They give you their money and now they have to gall to expect some value in return. So how do you get rid of these pesky people called customers? The answer is really quite simple. All you have to do is ignore them. Ignore your customers long enough and they will eventually disappear. This technique works every time, guaranteed!

Well, there you have it. You now have all the knowledge necessary to secure a life in the 98% club. Do you have what it takes to be a 98%er, or are you going to wuss out and defect to a life of freedom, abundance and joy? The choice is yours.

What Inspires You To Succeed In Internet Business?

tingtingChances are that if you are reading this post, that you either enjoy a successful internet business, or that you are aspiring to build one. We all have different reasons for wanting to succeed in internet business. One of the biggest reasons for me is shown in the picture on the left. This is my wife, Tingting. This is an outtake from one of our wedding pictures. We were married in Beijing, China on June 27th, 2005. Having the freedom to spend time with my wife and creating great memories to carry with us into our old age is my most significant driving force to succeeding online. Having 10 hours a day robbed from us by an employer for the next 25 to 30 years is not my idea of a fulfilling life.

Today we went to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound. Tingting is now into 32 weeks and 6 days of her pregnancy. This is also my prime reason for success. Building memories will include our son Kevin. Yes, it’s a boy! We actually picked out his name in 2005. We had also chosen a girl’s name as well, of course. He should be arriving into the world around May 1st. Here’s a pic of today’s ultrasound. I highlighted and enlarged Kevin to make it easier to distinguish his facial features.

So, my question is, what is your inspiration for success? I am curious about what drives you to succeed. Is it the desire for freedom from a dead end J.O.B. and a slave driving boss? To enjoy life with your family? Or something else altogether? Leave a comment and share your story. I’d like to hear from you. πŸ™‚

Da Skinny on Brausch

Exactly as he promised, James Brausch delivered his testing newsletter right away after posting my interest in receiving a complimentary copy of his Testing newsletter. My first reaction? Yikes! This is some serious stuff. James has picked apart so many variations of his sales page that its easy to see why his pages are super converters! I think most people who average 1 to 5% are typical. James is in the 18+ percentile! I say again… YIKES!

James covers every detail of his variable versions. For example. Testing 3 blank lines at the top of the “paper” versus no lines. Variations on color size and even length of the headlines. Testing content against nothingness. The information contained within the newsletter gave me some great ideas to test out on my own web site.

I think that the people who would benefit most are MuVar customers. The newsletter is a perfect compliment to getting the most out of MuVar. Non MuVar users would certainly benefit as well, because you can simply apply what works in the newsletter to your own site. The hitch is that different products attract different visitors and what works for one site may not be so great for others.

One thing that really hit home with me though was the features that I noticed about MuVar. Before I discovered James, I rashly invested in another multivariate software. This set me back over 500 bucks. It’s great software and serves me well. However, it seems that MuVar allows you to use many versions of each testing variable! Mine is limited to 2 to 6 depending on how many variables you choose. Thus I have to choose my variables carefully and figure out which variables that I want more than 3 versions of. Also, it appears that MuVar calculates visitor value for your web site! That is awesome! Not to mention keeping a running total of sale value & conversion ratio. My boss (wife) would shoot me if I switched (totaling $800… Rats!).

Do you remember the movie Wayne’s World? Remember in the music store when Wayne would kneel down on one knee in front of the Fender Strat that was locked inside the custom display case? Picture a MuVar CD in its place with a touch of angelic music as an aura glows around it. – “Someday MuVar will be mine… oh yes!”

I have to say that the testing newsletter was definitely worth the read. These are heavy duty stats, but they are presented in a way that makes for a nice read, plus they make sense. It’s not just a paper full of numbers & graphs, this is real usable stuff. Information that you can use today. If you’re a serious internet business person looking for the maximum return on your websites, this is some incredible information that is being shared. For only 25 bucks for a newsletter that is packed to the max with nothing but solid meat & potatoes without the fat, this is simply a no brainer to subscribe to.