Your Own Personal Shawshank

One of my favorite movies is called the Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman.  In case you never saw the movie, its about a guy (Tim Robbins) who is falsely accused of killing his wife and he is sent up the river to Shawshank prison for life.  All his appeals were rejected and he was in for the long haul.  He was a bank auditor or accountant before he was imprisoned and found himself working for a corrupt warden.  To make a long story short, he created a false identity from inside the prison via the warden's slush accounts used to launder money illegally begotten through the warden's misdeeds.  Andy (Tim Robbins) eventually was able to escape to Mexico with the cash and bring down the warden at the same time. 

So where am I going with this on an internet business blog?  If you're an entrepreneur and have sold yourself into slavery (J.O.B) then you are imprisoned as well.  Probably wrongly imprisoned because you were conditioned to believe that one stream of income from a J.O.B. is more secure and more stable than multiple streams of income from your own internet business.  Think about that last sentence for a moment.   Is one stream of income more secure than several?  Huh?  It always made sense before you actually stopped to analyze it, eh?  

It took 20 years for Andy to bust out of prison through a tunnel leading to another part of the prison where he then escaped through a sewage pipe.   He picked away at this tunnel every night at the rate of two pockets full of stone & dirt at a time.  That's a long time.  It became a reality because of persistence.   He had a goal.  He worked at it patiently every day, always focused on making that ultimate goal a reality.  He never told a soul about what he was doing, not even his closest friend.  

Starting to see a connection?  A J.O.B. is certainly a prison if you are the type of spirit who longs for freedom and creating your own destiny.  Not everybody is meant for this.  Without the sheep, there would be no need for herders.  Without those who dedicate their lives to others (doctors, nurses, teachers, Kirby vacuum cleaner salesmen) we would be in pretty rough shape.  For those of us who want to control our own lifes, declare our own freedom, there is a lesson to be learned here.

"Prison" is something that can be broken out of.  If you're stuck in a dead end career, remember, persistence and steady dedication to your goal WILL become a reality.  It won't take 20 years either!  If it does, you certainly didn't keep your eye on the ball.  When you get home at night, trade the TV time for "building an internet business" time.  Chip away at it every night for a couple hours.  That couple hours really adds up after a week, and even more after a month.  Over 60 hours if you did it every day for 2 hours!  What can you accomplish in 60 hours dedicated to nothing but building your business?  How about 120 hours?

When you hear the big boys ranting about how there's no excuse for not getting your business up and running and creating products, there's a reason.  Its because they are keenly aware of this very simple truth.  There's no magic formula that's kept hidden among the few elite members of the internet Illuminati.   Sometimes the most simple and obvious are the best hidden.  As I always have said, there's no time like the present.  So why not begin tunneling out of your own personal Shawshank today?

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  1. Hey,
    Just want to say that you have some good information. I am a free-lance graphic artist, I completely understand what you are saying. I have been doing this for about 4 years now and I am working on making an instructional e-book about graphic design. I would like to increase my monthly income so I can spend less time working and more time with my family. You are right that it is not for everyone. It takes dedication and self discipline to get the “work” done first and then have time for “play”. But, you also have to have a balance of the two or you will be working all the time (at home). How long did it take you to “break out”? I worked a J.O.B. for 6 years before going on my own.

  2. (Jack, you can delete this comment after reading, if you wish – as it pertains to Shawshank and not i-mktg. lol)

    FYI, since Shawshank is one of your fave films, did you know that director Frank Darabont is a HUGE Blade Runner fan and is extensively interviewed in the **truly outstanding** Blade Runner 5-disc set?

    All my best to a Brausch disciple! 😉

  3. I am learning the art of focus these days, putting one step in front of the other like Andy did and I am learning that I can be so much more productive by cutting out TV – well, at least most of it. I haven’t done a complete fast yet. 😉 That time is really starting to add up.

    I’ve learned this by being a part of James Brausch’s program and by reading his blog daily and his book.

    Thanks for validating this – again – for me.

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