Visualize your way to the top

Did you know that using the right tools, choosing the right products, promoting your site, generating your traffic, building a list etc. is only part of the equation? All these physical efforts are indeed important to be successful, but don't forget that if your mind is still negatively programmed, you're likely to keep treading the same treadmill for the rest of your days. I see the universe as a perfect mathematical matrix governed by universal laws that apply to everyone and everything. You may or may not have heard of the law of attraction. Every successful person understands these principals, either intuitively or deliberately. Did you ever notice how some people just seem to have everything go their way all the time? Is God playing favorites with certain people and stomping on the rest? Or could it be that some people just have a natural ability to follow divine laws while others are oblivious. Those who are oblivious to the law of attraction for example see life as a crap shoot, where sometimes good things happen to them and other times they end up in seemingly endless ruts. Slapped in the face for no apparent reason. The law of attraction is a neutral force that is neither negative or positive in itself. If you are in debt up to your eyeballs, and keep worrying about how you're ever going to get out, you are simply attracting more debt and continuing the cycle. This is because you are focusing on the situation of debt rather than the end result of being debt free. You need to "feel" that you are actually out of debt and free. What you feel and what you visualize is exactly what you will attract. So if you want out of debt, don't be telling yourself, "I want a million dollars so that I can be out of debt". You have just brought "debt" back into your reality. If you're 40 grand in the hole, then visualize $50,000 in your bank account. Be very specific, feel the money already there. Feel the money is in your account all the time. Sooner or later little opportunities will pop up that will steer your life in a new direction if you act upon them. This is where we have to hold up our end of the bargin. The law of attraction will send us the things we call for, but it's up to us to spot these opportunities and ACT ON THEM. You don't need any special talents other than simply being conscious and have the desire to accomplish a goal. Jump out on the net and Google some info on how to use the law of attraction. Use it and you will then discover that we really do shape our reality. We are the sculptors of our future. Our present situation is a direct result of our actions from the past. A life of joy and prosperity is only a mindset away!